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Welcome to Free the freckles, where I love to write about anything that comes to my mind, with no taboo. I’m 23, I’ve got freckles (you get it now) and I’m a grumpy French, sometimes, who writes in English. I love books, cats, le barbu, pizzas and Dicaprio. Besides that, there is not much that you need to know about me. Except that his blog has seen is first day back in 2017, and I'm proud that I manage to keep it that long.


What did I read this month ?#10

Remember me? Yes, I know, I took a longer break than expected but I was simply not inspired to post here, and then I went on holidays for a week which was so much appreciated after staying inside in the city for month, and then I started my new job right away. But I'm going to talk about that in a futur post. Today is about the books I managed to read in July. I read 7 entire books in total and most of them were really good and worth sharing with you today. So, let's start!

Juste avant le bonheur by A. Ledig

What I love the most about a lot of French contemporary books is how poetic, simple and beautiful they can be. This one is probably one of my favorite book I've read in July. The story is beautiful, devastating, ordinary and extraordinary by the beauty of the characters. Agnès Ledig gives a real life story with beautiful characters. They are unique, "normal" and human. Yes, what strikes you the most in this book is humanity. You don't see the bad side of the human race, you see the good. And that sometimes is the only thing you want to see because you can't just have bad and unkind people. You have to have faith in others in order to be happy and be surrounded by good people. This book shows that in a tragic and beautiful way.



In order to live by Y. Park

Another of Polly Florence's book club. I was not disappointed by this choice for the month of July, it was such an interesting book! We follow the journey of Yeonmi in North Korea, her childhood there and how she fleed her country to try and find a better home to grow up and simply be free and happy. Her road was bumpy and terrifying. It was so hard to imagine someone your age living in the same years as you experiencing such a different lifestyle (might not be the right word...). I thought I was reading about the end of the XIXth century, and not our century. This book is important to understand a bit more of what's going on in North Korea, but we have to keep in mind that it's one testimony and there are plenty more to read and see to understand the bigger picture. 

Little fires everywhere by C. Ng

I started this book before watching the show. I disliked it, stopped it and watch the show (because Reese Witherspoon people!). The show was great and had so many interesting topic that I wanted to have more, so I started the book again. I won't say that I still dislike it, but it was not great compare to the show. The show was different but also showed more things, especially about the characters. In this book, they are not developed and are just passing in the story. They are simply not interesting and not "used" enough. I wanted more depth, more complexity and not dull characters. For once, the show is better than the book in my opinion.

The girl with the dragoon tattoo by S. Larsson

Don't read this book if you want something light and easy. This thriller is amazing and pretty hard to read sometimes. Not in the complex way but in the violences. I had to put the book aside from time to time because it can be really, well, violent. But above all, this book is great. You have an interesting story with lots of digging, investigating and an intriguing plot (even though some twist at the end can be easily guessed). I was not a fan of the other part of the story with the scandal of the journalist, I was more interested in the Harriet case. 

Boomerang by T. de Rosnay

Family mysteries can be my favorite type of story, especially to read. So many unsaid things, so many discoveries and suspense. This one was simple yet beautiful in its own way. The way it was written added so much to this book. I know I say it quite often but French writers have such a beautiful way to write. I'm probably more mindful of that because it's easier to see as it's my native language but I love it. It adds a poetic side to the story. 

Tell me what you've been reading lately!

What did I read this month? #9

I started June with the new Hunger Games book, desperate to read it as I love the series so (so) much. In the end, I haven’t even finished it yet (too long to get started, not interesting enough for the moment – what do you think?), but I still read great books.

Quand nos souvenirs viendront danser by V. Grimaldi

You might remember her from my previous post as I read plenty of her books at the beginning of the year.  They all became all time favorite, and this one as well. It’s a story about old people, of memories, friendships, family and love. Plenty of love. You may cry and laugh with this book, but your heart will do that with you. It’s beautiful as we are in the end of an 80 year-old woman with a lot of memories to remember and a big full life. This is just a book about the beauty of a simple life, through the eyes of the people we never normally see.


Les gens heureux lisent et boivent du café by A. Martin-Lugand

You can see a French pattern here. But those kinds of books are always the ones I tend to read when I want a beautiful and meaningful story through simple things. This one starts with a crushing story. It becomes beautiful, sad yet hopeful. It’s really short – too short, so you might feel like some bits are missing or everything is happening quite fast. It’s still beautiful. Oh, and there is a second book, so I might read that one day.


An American marriage by T. Jones

As part of the #pollyflorencebookclub for June, An American marriage was the book chosen. I thought it could be something interesting and really catchy. And, nope. It wasn’t. One black man got arrested for something he didn’t commit (interesting), but we only follow his marriage (not interesting). The characters were mostly strangers towards another as I didn’t notice any connection. I was waiting for some fight and justice story, and that did not happen either. I was really disappointed with this book, especially because it was written in a way that it was difficult to see who was talking as they all had the same way of talking. Well, the characters didn’t have any character. So the writing style was disappointing. Anyway, you get it. Not a winner for me.


That’s mostly it for June as I only read 5 books. I’m still planning on reading French books so get ready for that next month! Now, tell me what you’ve been reading and if you’ve read any of those books I mentioned.

Paris, one year

A chaotic and stressful move, the heatwave and an almost broken rented van. The Sacré Cœur, Eiffel Tower and Panthéon. Walking along the Canal St Martin or La Villette. Finding new friends and seeing older ones. Léo, early mornings and lots of tea. Grumpy faces in the metro, late trains and strikes. Lots of walking along the Seine, sight seeing and touristic visits. The stairs of Montmartre, late summer pictures and love. Lots of love.


Today, I took the tube and I got out of the metro at Opéra. I went out, and the Opéra Garnier was just sitting there, right in front of me. I’ve seen it plenty of times now, but I was still amazed. Me, I was standing in the middle of Paris. I city I now call “home”. I still smile and have those big bright eyes whenever I see something as majestic as this. The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Sacré Cœur. It’s magic. Today has been one year since I live in Paris, since I’m part of those grumpy French. It’s been a year since I live in this beautiful city and can now call it home. It feels right, I am exactly where I need to be, with whom I want to be.


But bloody hell, I miss fresh air!

Is it easier to talk online than to a friend?

For those of you who share a lot of your life and personality online, whether it's with a blog or on social medias, have you ever thought that it was easier to just write things online than talking to an actual friend? That saying something personal to strangers could feel easier than having a conversation with someone you trust and love? How crazy, right? But somehow, sometimes, it does feel easier. 

A good friend pointed this out to me one day, and it made me think about it quite a lot. Writing things, whether it’s in a journal or on my blog feels natural to me. Talking to someone about what’s really going on inside my head, not so much. And yet, I know I can count on my friend and I like when they are open and honest with me, that they can trust me. So why is it so hard for me to do the same?

I remember the time when someone said that I was reserved with my feelings and even with myself. I was hurt because I did not understand the whole meaning of this, but now I do. And it's still true. I think it’s just that I don’t like to annoy people with what’s inside my head, at least not when it’s negative. I'm more of a listener myself and being the person who nods feels natural, not the other way around. Therefore, it can be quite hard to open myself up to strangers or new friends. It takes a lot of time, and I usually don't open as much as I should. Yet, I still don't really get how my mind works and why it's easier for me to share on my blog than reaching out. Of course, I know I can count on people and that I won't be boring to them and that they would listen and support me in their own way. Yet, I keep myself inside this shell. As if I want to take care of everything by myself. 

Well, not anymore. Being in a relationship, you have to force yourself to have these conversations. You can't just go and cry alone whenever something's wrong. It takes time, but eventually I open up quite easily with my boyfriend. He is my biggest support and I live with him. Obviously, I'm comfortable enough to be totally open. And anyway, he just knows when something is off with me. So I'm getting used to that, and now I try to do the same with my friend. And it's bloody hard people. Yet, when you see the value when you talk to a friend, the love and support you receive, it becomes easier to keep doing it. It’s something to get used to I guess. However, it takes time and writing your feelings on the internet can still feels easier. And I think it’s okay.

The thing is, people have to try to find a way to share their feelings, to express them in any way that make them comfortable. For me, it has always been through writing and expressing myself with words. Writing is some sort of security, honesty and a way to let go. The most important thing is knowing you have people who's got your back, no matter how easy or hard it is to talk to them, they're here as much as you are here for them. Nobody is alone, but you've got to give yourself some time to adjust to whatever you're comfortable with. 

The books I thought I would love

I’m doing this blog post because I took this picture the other day of the second book of the Game of Thrones series and I thought, wow, that’s a book I thought I would read straight away. It’s now been sitting in my bookshelves for two years. And I still haven’t read it. Yep. So, it got me thinking of all the books I started to read without finishing them, even though I really thought I would have enjoyed them. Oh and by the way, I’m learning to stop reading a book when I don’t enjoy it. I don’t want to waste my time if I can read something more interesting. Yet, it’s way harder for physical books. I can’t have a bookshelf and see books that have not been read. Is it just me?


The Schindler’s list

Because I loved the movie and I just love history books in general, I thought this one would be a winner. I was prepared for a heavy read and … nothing. I did not finish it, well I even stop quite at the beginning. The fact that it was just about (or at least starting with) the entrepreneur part of the character, how he created his successful business was just deeply boring to me. I don’t know if I should have continued a bit more to have the full story. Please tell me if I should keep going or not if you have read it.


The heart goes last

Atwood is a genius, and I thought this book would be amazing. I read about half of it and I started being bored. The beginning was quite promising and interesting, but it just got too long. I could not see the end of it so I just stopped. I did like the story, the sort of dystopia where there is something not quite right. So, I guess I needed something more?


Little women

Well, this one. I have a complicated relationship with classic books. I can like them, or just be bored by them while thinking I just don’t get them. They are seen as great books by so many people over many centuries, therefore I have to like them, right? I started the book before seeing the movie (which I loved), but I was quite intimidated by the number of pages. And then, I was not really interested. I honestly don’t know what to do with this one because I see that it’s everyone’s favourite at the moment. I don’t normally like a book because everyone else did but I feel like I’m missing something with this one. What do you think?

There are many more books that I just stopped reading, but I don’t want to put too much over here. I don’t know, I might finish them one day! But now tell me, which books have you stopped reading because you didn’t like it even though you thought you would?


Don't feel stupid if you don't like what everyone else pretend to love.

Emma Watson

Actress and Feminist

I myself have never been able to find out precisely what feminism is: I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat.

Rebecca West

Author and Feminist

I used to think that freedom was being not attached to anything. I've been working on redefining that, that freedom is not about being not attached to people. You can still be free when people love you.

Jemima Kirke


Rennes, France