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juin 10, 2018

The power of writing

  • juin 10, 2018
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From how long as I can remember, probably since the day I could write my name properly, I had a notebook where I could write anything that came to my mind. Of course, at that time it was more about who I was in love with that day or any problem that you can have at 6 but still. Writing was already something that felt right, a place where I could share my thoughts and basically talk to someone/something.

During my teens, I still used this kind of notebook to talk about teenager's problems which often felt  like the end of the world. I wrote more and more just to clear my head and have a place where I can just write anything I want without having the fear of being judged. And something was added: a blog. Of course, I was still talking about my friends or anything like that, not really deep subjects as you can imagine. But the 15 years old me already knew I think, how good it felt to put words on thoughts. And the more I grew, the more people seemed to like what I was writing. This was the beginning of my love for words. I just wrote everything. Imaginary texts, things about what I had experienced, love, friendship, loss, anything really. And I loved that, and of course at 16 I already imagined myself as a future writer (it’s still a dream though). I knew it was something powerful, being able to write and touch other people. I used everything I could to make words out of it, my joy, my pain, my friends and family even. Everything was a good opportunity to write about, and I just did it every single day without being bored with it.

And now I have this blog. I haven’t written any fiction story for a good 5 years or text like I used to, but I think that I just need to deep my mind in it to love doing it again. But having a blog is just the best thing when you want to share all the things that you have in mind. And I found that the more you share, the more you have to say. With this blog, I need to go further. If I publish something, I already imagine what I can write about the same subject, but going deeper because there is always something more to say. It’s just has been a great journey in term of inspiration because yes, there are a lot of people out here on the blogosphere who just had great things to say and this can be really powerful too.

I kind of lost myself here, at first I wanted to talk about writing physically. Like I said, I always had a notebook since I was a child. And now, it’s still the same. I can still write stupid and superficial things, but I can also clear my mind on it if I feel like I need to evacuate something negative in me (or positive, they both work). During these years, some people closed to me asked if they could read some stuff I wrote about, and I always said no. To me, it’s like having someone who can read your mind. You feel violated, you don’t have this safe place anymore. Even if this person is the closest to me, I just can’t let them read it. It’s not like I write shitty stuff about them (it’s quite the opposite actually), but them reading it makes me so vulnerable and naked, like I don’t have anything just for myself anymore and also, the fear of being judged. I’m sure it makes sense to all of you that have a secret thing that is only for you and you don’t want to share it because there is too much of you in it. Nobody likes to feel that vulnerable.

What about you, what is your relation with writing?
Do you have something where you can just evacuate?

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