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juillet 09, 2018

Who and what has inspired me lately #1

  • juillet 09, 2018
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I've been wanting to share some of the people I love following with you guys, but I realized that there is just too many people I discover every day/week/month that I thought of making a series of post. One won't be enough as it changes all the time. Of course I've got people that are my all time favorite, and I will share them with you just as much as the other, but I also want you to, maybe, discover new people that you might have never heard of. So here they are, the account/blog/podcast/etc I've discovered lately.

First, Anna Nùñez is the first person I thought about when doing this post. I've discovered her just a few weeks ago and I am already in love with everything she makes. Her blog is lovely, as much as her instagram feed. But, let me talk about her personal style, it's perfect. I love simple stuff with earthy tone (especially when it goes with my pale skin and almost ginger hair), so when I saw her style I immediately fell in love with everything. She spreads creativity and happiness and it's always what I'm looking for when I follow new people. I guess she is my favorite person to follow right now. Plus, she is funny.

In the same vibe, I also been loving Jakkaiser's feed, she seems to be the sweatiest girl and have a way of viewing thing with happy thoughts which I find very inspiring. Oh, and she smiles all the time apparently which makes you smile as well. I like that she shares her journey through hard times, it makes her more "human" if I can say so. Sharing our vulnerability isn't always a bad thing, people can relate and feel less alone.

And also: Kristin Jones on youtube. I spend two (three...) entire afternoon watching her videos, they make me so cosy and happy, she dresses perfectly and she is just perfect basically. (And kinda obsess with her hair...)

I also became obsessed with Mossonyi, a really cute couple. But guys, do you see the perfection of this photos/style/places? Everything is pretty, lots of color and a really nice vibe which smells like summer, don't you think? Plus, their blog is fantastic in term of writing content, you can read really nice post there.

And last but not least, it's the fact that I'm speaking in English here. You may have seen that a few articles back, I was still writing in French. But now that I turned to English writing, everything is easier. I can write about subjects that were on my mind for so long but without finding the right words for it. Yes, it might seems strange to most of you and to be honest, I find it strange to have more things to say in a language that is not my mother language. But that they way it is, and I love being back here again with so many ideas and inspiration.

Now tell me who is your favorite person to follow at the moment, and why.

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