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août 22, 2018

5 good things #1

  • août 22, 2018
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There isn't enough positivism in this world, so another post about positive things seems to be a good idea. And I had a lot last week as it was also my birthday (yeay!). So here are five things that made me feel great lately.

1. I bake, something I wanted to do for quite some time: a lemon pie with meringue on top. I did take me a long time to do it, but I'm happy that I did everything right, without being stressed or irritated. Even if the meringue tasted like caramel, it was good!
2. The other day, we went biking in the countryside with my dad. It has been years since I did that with him and I loved it so much. Everything was so peaceful and calming, resourceful. I feel like this is where I belong, in the middle of the woods with nothing else, but the sound of the river and birds (and the sound of my brake because I'm a scaredy cat when it goes too fast).

3. As I mentioned, it was my birthday last week and I celebrated it with my family (minus the barbu, sad time) and it was lovely. I tend to forget how precious it is to have a family and how nice time with them can be.

4. I was lucky to have books as presents and I really like this one by David Foenkinos, Nos séparations. He is one of my favorite French author as I read many of his books. This one is no disappointment to his writing style and how romantic and lovely his stories are.

5. I finally have a blender which means that I finally can do smoothies and soups (fun fact: I'm a grandma). I have been looking for multiple recipes online, but if you have good recommendation for me, please share.

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