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avril 17, 2019

On sustainability

  • avril 17, 2019
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I couldn't not do anything anymore, otherwise I’m just like those people that close their eyes on things wishing they go away like magic. But, our planet is in danger, it’s a fact. A real and dangerous fact that everyone needs to pay attention to. Not just vegan people, not just rich or occidental people. But, everyone who lives on this planet. I wanted to make actions on my own scale, little changes that could improve my habits when it comes to reducing my plastic or else. And because I’m a student on very minimal resources, I wanted to prove that everyone can access to an alternative more eco-friendly. So here are a few tips and things I’ve changed during the past few months or so. 

  • Actually sorting out garbage: no more laziness with glass. All of them should be sorted out and put in the right bin, especially electrical devices or batteries. You can check online very quickly to see where your local recycling centre is. It’s the same for clothes if you can’t sold them or give them away. 
  • Buy a reusable bottle: I bought mine on amazon and it’s already worth the price I would pay otherwise on plastic bottles. You have plenty of choice for all kinds of utilization, even coffee/tea cups. Just keep in mind that you only have to invest in this thing once. Oh, and you actually make a good choice for the environment as well. We all know the story behind plastic in nature. 


  • Buy bamboo toothbrush and make-up remover pad: the bamboo toothbrushes are the same price (or less) than plastic ones, and the cotton pad are just so handy, soft and really easy to wash. It’s such a good little investment because you only spend your money once (well, at least for the cotton pad because you do need to change your toothbrush sometimes). 
  • Buy green cleaning products for your house: this one is more for your health, but I think it’s still really important to mention it. I used to buy product with very strong and bad chemicals because it worked. But, when I notice how much I cough when I use them, I knew I had to buy something more organic. Supermarket are offering green choices now and I think it’s a great step that they finally make.


  • Buy more local and organic. I’m one of those people now that do tend to buy more organic products which are seasonal. Nobody wants to eat tomatoes that taste like plastic in January, right? 
  • No more plastic bag: bring your own bag to the shop and say no when they give you one for free. Who needs that many plastic bag?

For the moment, these are my little steps I made. Big investments are not necessary, and they are really easy. I’ve got other steps to make, especially concerning sanitary product or buying in bulk. But, these are a bit more costly and bigger investments but, I will definitely go there. 

What about you? What steps have you made towards a more sustainable way of living?

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