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mai 06, 2019

What did I read this month ? #2

  • mai 06, 2019
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I thought I could do those posts every month and ... I was wrong. I still read way more than last year, but my priorities are more on my exams and planning my future at the moment. Therefore, the books have taken a step back lately. But, I still wanted to do this post for the month of April. Although I have a lot of unfinished books (the - only - negative point of having a kindle: wayyyy too much choice), I managed to read a few books that I wanted to talk about here.

Call Me By Your Name by André Aciman

Alright, I'm starting with the most recent one but also because it took me so long to read it. I'm still struggling on making an opinion on it. Well, here the thing. I saw the movie first last summer and I LOVED it. I thought it was so good because of so many things like the atmosphere, the environment, the feelings between the different characters and their complicity. Everything that is said between words and behind the silence. I did not really want to read the book, but I still read it. Half of it is mostly waiting with the protagonist, and the other half is wondering why he is changing his mind every 5 pages. But, all of his reflection and thoughts are amazing, it's poetic, romantic, beautiful and innocent. I did find the same atmosphere in the book, however I did not enjoy it as much as the movie, sadly.

Les Loyautés by Delphine de Vigan

First, let me say that I had this feeling of "déjà vu" the whole time reading this book, as if I've already read something like this before. And secondly, I love Delphine de Vigan's book. She is one of my favorite French author because of her writing. It's so poetic, simple, she says it all in a few lines. Nothing is fake, we can easily find ourselves in her characters. Her books are like mirrors, and this one is the same as the others. It's good, not amazing, but still. We find her style again, her characters that are so like us: imperfect, human, deprived of superficiality. She writes feelings like anyone. It's touching, heartbreaking even. Well, you feel something when you read this book.

The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

Okay, where to start? I generally enjoyed reading the book, but that's it. The book itself is not that good. Let's say that you take 50 shades and After, you mix them together and then you have the Kiss Quotient. Again, a story about an inexperienced girl who meets a sex god and they fall in love, obviously she has no self-confidence and he is tormented. Does it remind you of something? It's so cliché, so annoying, so flat ... You don't have anything in terms of sentiment, just too people wanting to have sex all the time because it's what you do at the beginning of whatever this is. They messed up, but they find themselves again. No suspense, nothing. It's just nice to read if you don't want to read something deep and complicated. Beside that, it's not a good romance. All the interesting things that could be interesting to tackle are just left aside because writing about the feeling of a fabric on the skin is more interesting apparently...

I read a few more books, but those three are the only one where I really have something to say, the other are just good. I'm probably going to read more during the next few months as I will have finally finished my exams and have therefore more free time (= reading time). I'm hoping to see you again next month for May reads.

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