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juin 06, 2019

On journaling

  • juin 06, 2019
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The other day, I saw something that really annoyed me. This person was just mocking the whole process of having a personal diary, as if it was only a childish thing that we did when we were young. I was really angry because I felt personally offended as I always had a journal. Of course, this person surely did not mean any arm and definitely did not attack me, but still. I was pissed by this stupid reflection.

Journaling is becoming trendy now, and I think it’s cool. Especially for people like me who have always had a notebook, but were not confident enough to share the fact that they owned it. It was like reading back then, a really uncool thing to do (ah!). But now, people can share everything they want about their way of journaling. And I’m going to talk about mine today.

When I talk about journaling, for me, it simply means writing my thoughts on a journal. Nothing too crazy, I like to keep it simple. I experimented a lot, but now I found something that suits me well: a lined notebook where I write a page entirely whenever I want, mostly once a day. I don’t use many pens or draw inside (I can’t draw), I just write. I tried to be a more creative with other notebook, but I’m just really bad at it and the result never satisfied me. Now, having straight lines and everything pleasing for the eye is way easier for me. And the reason I write one entire page every time (despite for the aesthetic) is to force myself to go deeper in my thoughts, to write everything I have in mind, especially the things that bothered me or make me anxious. One page is enough, and I always feel a bit lighter when I close the notebook. Before this one, I had a dotted one with too much space and I ended up writing small amount of things every other day without being really deep. Therefore, it did not help me in any way. Because, this is the thing, it has to be therapeutic for me. I don’t write things down just for me to remember them, I write them down to feel better, to actually put words on how I feel. Sometimes, you have something in mind, but it’s only when you write it down that you can really put your finger on it and work on it.

I have been journaling, or keeping a diary (whatever you call it), since forever, really. My first journal had puppies on the cover with green pages and a key to open it. I loved it as it was a safe space for me, something private where I could write what I wanted (mostly who I was in love that day, the joy of being 8). Then, I kept asking my mom for new ones when I finished it. Until today. I kept most of them, mostly to remember where I’m from, what I’ve been through and to keep memories.

The whole process of journaling is so positive for me. Sometimes I can be quite scared to write down what’s wrong, but in the end, I know I will feel better after doing so. I understand the power of words on yourself, the power that your thoughts can have regarding self-reflection. And knowing all of that was probably why I was angry when hearing this person mocking journaling. Actually, this person did not know what they was talking about because journaling is something personal, private, intimate that you create. It gives you the opportunity to be free, creative, to put memories inside, to write about the good and the bad. It’s a personal space where you can feel safe. And it has been a great journey for me.

Do you keep a notebook with your thoughts? Or do you have something really personal and creative that makes you feel better ?

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