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août 08, 2019

The tattooist of Auschwitz : the book review

  • août 08, 2019
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Other than books or writing, I am very curious and passionate about history. There are some periods that I found fascinating and full of details to learn about. WW2 is one of those periods. There is something about this war that makes it very interesting to me, there is always something new to learn about. Unfortunately, it is also a very, very, dark time. Therefore, when I heard about “The Tattooist of Auschwitz” based on a true story about this man that went to the camp, I knew I had to read it. And so I did, pretty quickly.

The story:
WW2. The Nazis are deporting Jews from all around Europe to camps. Here, we follow Lale, who is deported to Auschwitz. Lale is intelligent and different, is going to be the tattooist and is going to mark thousands of other Jews with a number. A simple number that will mark them for life. One day, he tattoos Gita, another prisoner of the camp, he falls in love with her. What follows is a sort of traffic to have more food, to see each other and make plans for the future. They try to have hope despite the horrific events that occur. They witness the great horror of the war and do their best to survive at least one more day.

We follow their love, what they do to be together, what they have to do in order to survive. It is a war story, but first of all, it is a love story.

My review:

Obviously, I was not expecting a beautiful story with a happy ending. I knew it was going to be sad and hopeless, but somehow it was different from what I expected. It was sad and heart-breaking, but the beauty of the story was in the love story between the protagonist and a woman in the camp.

In this book, I did not just see the horrors of the camps and the cruelty of the Nazis. I saw the solidarity between the prisoners, the bravery of everyone to stay alive one more day, and love. Love between the prisoners that need one another to survive, to have hope, to have a reason to stay alive and continue until… until something that will help them. Love between two characters who fall in love despite being treated as less than human, despite being deprived of what makes them human beings. Love between groups of people that don’t know anything about each other, but will learn and accept the other one. I saw bravery in many acts in this book, intelligence and hope for a better future.

I’m not gonna spoil the end of this book even if you know what happens in history. I’ll only say that this book is a great lesson of acceptance towards other people that might be different from you. And also, a great lesson about love.

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