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octobre 19, 2019


  • octobre 19, 2019
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 Nop. For once, I’m not talking about Leonardo Dicaprio.

Four months ago now, a little furry creature came into our lives. It was tiny and scared and crazy and cute. This cuty has now become our child (oh yes, only pets owner can understand that) and his making us pretty stupid any time he is being super cute (therefore, quite often). He eats our plants, do lots of things he is not allowed to and wakes me up every morning. He does weird noises and is always running around like crazy when he’s not sleeping. Well, he’s a six-months-old kitten and we love him very much.


I have always lived with cats at home. I just love these little creatures that are so soft, cuddly and heart-warming. They are cozy and funny and adorable. That’s why after four years without living with a cat, I had to have one back in my life (and stop petting every single cat I see in the streets or everywhere).

That’s when Léo comes in the picture. We had just got the keys to our flat and were beginning the renovation when I started looking for an association where we could adopt a kitten for a good cause. And we saw him, with his long hairs and his funny face. I made a call and three weeks later (earlier than planned …), four days after I’d moved to Paris, we came to adopt our kitten.

The association, Chat d’oc, had plenty of kitties and adult cats waiting to be adopted. During summer time, you have so much of them being abandoned everywhere that we had to adopt a cat for a good cause. We had to pay for him which you don’t have to do when you find a random cat on the internet or on facebook, but at least he had everything done and in regulation (vaccination, microchip – is it how you call them? – and sterilization to do at 6 months old). If you consider adopting a cat (or dogs, or any pet), please check on any association. You’ll do something good for those animals and you’ll probably save their life. Make sure to check out any association next to where you live, I’m sure there are plenty!

We haven’t seen him before the day we adopted him (he was in the south of France), but we immediately loved his little furry face when we saw him. He was running around (already) and was pretty scared with the 40 minutes journey home in the metro, but we made it home and we just left him be. He was as much scared as curious so he came out of his cage pretty quickly and within a few hours, he was sniffing around, eating and going in his litter. We did not sleep much for the first night, but we found him on our bed the next morning: a winner for us.

Then came weeks of his craziness making me mad quite often. He had an ability to find the most unexpected place to hide and sleep, until he got too big. Oh yes, that’s the thing with Léo. His race his European but his fur his quite long and thick in some areas therefore he has to have some other race mixed, and he is very tall. We did not have a small kitten for more than two weeks probably has he was growing so quickly. He is still growing a lot at 6 months-old today and we don’t really know how big he’s going to get, but we do like a big cat, they’re comfy!

Well, I could go on and on about Léo (almost like a child, isn’t it?), but I’m going to stop here. I just wanted to introduce him here as he is now a (big) part of our lives for four months now. And I apologize already if I spam you with pictures of him on social Medias or here, but he is the cutest!

What about you, do you have a fur baby? Tell me all about them!

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