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novembre 11, 2019

New name, new blog!

  • novembre 11, 2019
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Free the freckles becomes Eva Marie. It was time to change thinks up a bit!

I’ve owned this blog for more than two years now, and I have spent so many hours on it, writing, coding, taking photos, thinking of better ways of blogging, that it was time to step up my game a little. This is how the looooong freethefreckles.blogspot.com becomes evamarie.fr.  It’s quick, it’s simpler and it’s more me (even if I’ve got more freckles on my face than anything else), more accurate. Eva Marie comes from my surname and my middle name. It’s really classic and simple, which I like obviously.

And more ...

Other than a new name, I thought about new ways to be more active while being really busy with uni and my internship. It has been quite hard to manage it all since mid-September, therefore I needed to think about other ways to be present online still. I’m going to try to be more active and not that passive when it comes to actually write things. I need to be stricter with myself schedule-wise and stick with it!

What will change?

If everything goes well, I’m going to be more present on this blog, but also on instagram and facebook. It’s always hard to keep up with everything and I’m not pressuring myself with being active on everything all the time, but I’m sure going to give my best try. I have so many ideas in mind, so many people who inspire me and whom I want to talk about more. And this little corner of the internet, my own space, is the best place to get creative and share what I love, what I have in mind (and what I read, of course!). So welcome if you are new here and thanks for the others who keep following me!

I'm 24, I've got freckles (you get it now) and I'm a grumpy French, sometimes, who writes in English. I love books, cats, le barbu, pizzas and Dicaprio.

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