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janvier 27, 2020

Walk with me in Paris

  • janvier 27, 2020
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Last week, after finishing my exam for the first semester, I unexpectedly had a week off. Because it is quite rare – and because the strike is mainly over now in Paris – I wanted to enjoy this week and discover Paris a bit more, especially in the places I love the most. So here is a little tour of the city.

Saint Germain

This was probably the area I wanted to see more as I don't go there really often. Yet, I think it's one of the prettiest place in Paris, especially during autumn with the beautiful colours of the tree, next to the white buildings. There, I could only see naked tree but with a bright blue sky during a very cold winter day. I got out of the metro at the “Pont Neuf” station and then I crossed the river to walk a bit along the Seine. I had to go at Gibert - this huge bookstore where you can find new and secondhand books – to find a book for uni, but really it was just an excuse to go into a bookstore. Then, I wandered around and took pictures of some of the very “trendy/instagrammable” places that I wanted to see in real life. It's always like a dream to see places in real life after seeing in on other's people account. I finished my walk by going to Île-Saint-Louis which is the little Island being Notre Dame. It was gorgeous with the winter sun and the white buildings, a bit like being on holidays. I just loved the view there.


The next day, I decided to go to Montmartre. Despite all of the opinion on this area, I don’t like it so much. The place is crowded even if the view is incredible. I’m always scared of pick-pocket, and you really have to get lost to find some really pretty places. And this time, I wanted to love the place and find some gem. 

I went up (up up) and decided to walk around and, again, get lost. I finally found some pretty corners even though you really have to walk deeply in the area to find some quiet streets. This place is really crowded, loud and full of touristic “attractions”, which I don’t really like. I won’t say I love this area now, but every time I go there I find it more and more beautiful. And the view is probably one of the best you can have in Paris. 

Along the Seine 

Next stop: Eiffel Tower. The best view you can get in right at the Trocadero. Despite the crowd, I love going there, I always feel like a dreaming little girl watching this monument for the first time. It’s impressive. Then, I wanted to get a closer look, therefore I went to Rue de l’université to have this beautiful view between two buildings. 
I wanted to walk along the Seine as it is so beautiful and probably my favourite thing to do. I took a few pictures on my view to the Louvres. I was lucky enough to have a beautiful shot without any cars in it!

And that’s it for this week. I’m discovering Paris every day and I love it more and more. It is gorgeous everywhere (mostly) and there are so many atmosphere in this city. But now, tell me: what do you like the most in Paris? And if you’ve never been there, would you like to visit the city?

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