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février 24, 2020

5 movies: the best ones

  • février 24, 2020
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You may not know because I talk about books so much, but I’m passionate about the 7th art: cinema! I used to watch hundreds of movies a few years ago (you know, when you had free times during high school), and even though I don’t watch as much movies as before, I still have a passion for it. My to-watch list never ends, but I’ve got a strong list of amazing films that I have to recommend to you. Here it is!


Xavier Dolan is my hero. I will always remember the first time I saw this movie. My local cinema was showing the best films of the year and Mommy was one of them – obviously. It was just before my “bac blanc” (basically a training to the baccalaureate) and our teacher told us to relax and go to the movie before it starts. So I finally decided to go and watch it. And let me tell you, I was a mess during the screening. I was crying during half the film because it was perfect, wonderful, sad, happy, imperfect, everything. I thought that the language and the way it was filmed would be annoying to follow, but in the end it was everything. Let’s not talk about the actor because they were simply the best.

Inglorious Basterds

Tarantino is a god when it comes to make a movie. This one was the best one (even if Christoph Waltz and Mélanie Laurent add A LOT to it). It was terrifying, funny, disgusting (what would be a Tarantino’s movie without really red blood?), captivating. The dialogues were amazing, as always. The period and the plot was really interesting, especially when you have so much nationalities involved. The casting is wonderful with so much good name that you don’t want to waste a second without watching it! 

Bohemian Rhapsody

The very last one to go on my list. I am a big fan of Queen, and now a bigger fan of Rami Malek. It was SO good, that’s really it. The casting blew my mind, and I came out of the movie even more fan of the band. Of course, they changed some things and focused mainly the film on Freddie Mercury, but I didn’t mind. Rami Malek really deserved his Oscar for this role because he was a star, really. Especially at the very beginning (which is AMAZING), you really think that it’s the real Freddie Mercury you have in front of you.

(Yep, that's a part of my cat. He always does that when I try to take pictures, for once I thought I could include him)

Third Star

You may not know this one, but it was probably the film who touched me the most. I watched it three times in a row because I could not think of anything else for a week. Benedict Cumberbatch is the main star of this film, with three others actor playing his friends. He is sick and ask his friends for a trip. Their friendship is tested and the result is nothing else but moving. I guarantee you: you are gonna cry every step of the way (sometimes, while laughing). 


The trailer itself is everything. And then, you’ve got the movie with two amazing actors playing James Hunt and Niki Lauda. Their rivalry and respect while being stars in their domain is beautifully represented in this movie, with a soundtrack that’s gonna blow your mind. Even if you’re not a fan of car races, you will love this movie. It is inspiring, terrifying, addictive and mind blowing (again).

The list continue: Dangerous minds – Edward Scissorhands – The pianist – 120 battements par minute – Dunkerque – The Butler

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