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février 17, 2020

French books recommendation

  • février 17, 2020
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Even if I talk in English and read mainly English speaking books, I read quite a few books in French as well. In fact, my favorite books and author are French. And the other day, I saw that some people on the bookstagram thing were reading French literature, and it gave me the idea to talk about some really good French books on this blog. I’m aware that they are not as famous as American or English one, and the translation might be terrible if you don’t read French, but for those of you who might or want to give it a try, this can be interesting. Here are some of my favorites. 

Anna Gavalda 

I have always loved reading, but she is the one that changed everything book-wise. I found one of her book in a second hand book shop when I was a teenager, I was so happy my mom bought it to me that I read it in the car on the way home. I read it several times since then, and it’s always my favourite. Anything she write is beautiful, simple, delicate, inspiring and so much more. It moves me every time because the character could be anyone, their life is simple but she depicts them in a certain way that it’s immediately incredible. She has a way of making you look at life like no one else. 

Where you can start: La Consolante, Je l’aimais (the one my mom bought to me), Ensemble c’est tout 


David Foenkinos 

Like Anna Gavalda, and basically all of the author I’m going to mention, what he writes is simple and beautiful. Really, I could not describe it more because you have to read it to understand it. He writes about “normal” people, about love stories with beautiful – or not – ending. It is touching, delicate, poetry-like and full of sentiments. 

Where you can start : La délicatesse, Vers la beauté 

Delphine de Vigan 

The same sort of writing, the one that makes you see life and people through a different perspective. What she writes is strong, harsh and sometimes fragile. She talks about people and their problems. She truly talks about them, not just their glory, but mainly their fragilities and weaknesses, in order to make them stronger. Her writing and stories are pretty incredible because, again, it could be anyone, just ordinary people. 


Virginie Grimaldi 

She is quite famous in France, but I’ve really read her work just a few weeks ago. She quickly became one of my favorites. Basically, all of her characters needs life-changing decisions in order to learn how to live again, and not just passing in your own life. Some really bad situation happened to them, and they had to do something. So they do the changing: it’s disturbing, uncomfortable, different, until it is not and becomes familiar. The characters grow, and you grow with them. You don’t feel tense for them anymore because you can feel that they are going in the right way, even though they haven’t figured out everything yet. And for that, her books are incredible. 

Where you can start: Il est grand temps de rallumer les étoiles, Le premier jour du reste de ma vie 

I have more of them, maybe I will do a part 2 for this post but my favorite are here, and they are always the one I recommend when people want to read simple and beautiful French literature. You can also read good books by Frederick Beigbeder, Franck Thilliez or Katherine Pancol. But I’m curious to know if you have already read some of them? Or simple, what are your favourite French books?

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