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février 03, 2020

What did I read this month? #5

  • février 03, 2020
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2020 will be the year of great books! This is what I hoped for at the beginning of the month, and I can say that I found some really good one this month. I was inspired by some people on instagram saying that they wanted to read a bit less but reading books they wanted to, or longer books. I have been putting off some really big books I want to read because I knew it would take me a while to read them. But I know I’m missing something by not reading them. Next month’s list while probably be a bit shorter then, but let’s just hope I find some other good big books! 

Tu comprendras quand tu seras plus grande by V. Grimaldi 

I wanted to read more French books this month, especially by Virginie Grimaldi (she is quite famous in France). And I just loved what she writes. It was beautiful, simple, inspiring, lovely, all the good stuff. I love how she writes about simple people being so human, caring for others. She shows us that life can be simple and beautiful, no matter what, no matter what you’ve been through. 

Also read this month and loved: Le premier jour du reste de ma vie and Il est grand temps de rallumer les étoiles

Such a fun age by K. Reid 

This was such a strange and interesting book about « modern racism ». I liked the way we both had Emira and her boss thoughts and see how crazy Alix’s mind works. It was terrifying and sad. I thought that Emira was not an interesting character though, she was quite boring. But I guess that’s what is interesting, that Emira is so normal while being in a weird and toxic situation between her boyfriend and her boss. I wanted more concerning Emira and the kids she takes care, but I guess it was not really the point of the book. 

The bookish life of Nina Hill by A. Waxman 

*SPOILER* Well, this book was a winner for me. I recognized so much of me through different characters, and the love of books by so many of them changed it all. Thank god, books like that exist! I loved the character of Nina, and especially how happy she is in her life, as simply as it is. She just enjoys being her, while struggling with life at the same time with anxiety (nice try to talk about it, but I wanted more of that part). Then one day, people came into her life and everything changes while triggering her organized life. I was not particularly a fan of the romance in the book, it was not what I was looking for. Well, I just wanted to read about a girl who enjoyed books as much as I do. But I was surprised to see much more in it, especially the new family part of it. The book shows that family are messy even if everything turns out pretty good and easy for her in the end. I also liked how she seems to enjoy being alone and not in a relationship. There nothing wrong to be alone, and this book describes it well but destroys everything with a man, sadly. I'm not against it, but for me, Nina is definitely not in a place where she wants a boyfriend, which she said several times. The end part was also a bit disappointing. Suddenly, all of the problems are solved, which is really unrealistic. She changes for a man she just met because she feels good about him. Well okay, but when you have anxiety, changing your life for someone (especially when you are perfectly happy alone) seems a bit strange for me. Apart from that, I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it! 

Extension du domaine de la lutte by M. Houellebecq 

I wanted to talk about this book because it was one of the worst I’ve read in a long time. I had to read that for uni – but in the end they changed it for another book, thanks for nothing – and it was a torture to read something so annoying for numerous reasons. I did not care about the writing, it was familiar and sometimes vulgar. This man is racist, hates women and probably himself. It’s like reading a book told by a man who is not part of his own life himself, like he is watching what is happening to him and is completely dead inside. I was so bored and so angry when I read it. Women are compared to animals or objects, he is completely racist towards people who are not like him and is completely obsess with sex. Oh and it's supposed to be about work, but that’s just a small part of it in the end. The only “good” thing is that this book talks about depression at works. That’s all. 

Le quai de Ouistreham by F. Aubenas 

Another book I had to read for uni, but this one was really good. On the subject of work again, this true story/documentary follows this French (bad ass) journalist who is going to go ‘undercover’ in the hard life of unemployment after the 2008 crisis in France. This book is so important, so real and interesting. She talks about her life during six months there, but she does not really talk about her. She tells everything on the same tone, with detachment. She doesn’t add any feelings really, she just tells what she lived for those six months, trying to find a job, working during crazy hours for little or no money. I’m sure this book can resonate not only in France, but with any country which had an impact with the 2008 crisis.

Have you read any of these books? What did you read in January?

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