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mars 23, 2020

All the books I'm planning to read during this strange time

  • mars 23, 2020
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Because of what’s happening right now and because I don’t want to spend my time reading the news and listening to all those people freaking out on social media, I plan to read as much as possible. It’s not the best period to stay focused on something but I try my best to read books that are easy and as light as possible. Romances are possibly the best books to do that and this is what you’ll find mostly on this TBR. 

The two lives of Lydia Bird by J. Silver 

This book focuses on Lydia who recently lost her fiancé. We follow her through her grief and her new life as just one person. The originality of this book is her “second life” when she dreams that her lover is still here. I’m half-way through this book and it’s a bit long for the moment with too much perfection put in the relationship, but it’s still nice to read at the moment. 

If I never met you by M. McFarlane 

I’m so glad that instagram exist because I get to hear about so many books thanks to the bookstagram community. This book is one of those I want to read because I saw something talking about it. This book is about a relationship that ends, again, and having to start living again as just one person. I’m expecting some love and hope in this one because this is all I want to read about right now. 


Oona out of order by M. Montimore 

I’ve heard mixed reviews about this one but I am intrigued by the concept of the book with the different timelines. It’s not really a romance story but I love contemporary fiction in general. 

Wild at heart by K.A. Tucker 

I saw this one on goodreads and I read “Alaska”, “romance” and “log cabin”. Sold. This is the sort of cozy read – I hope – that I will enjoy reading to relax and think about nothing else but the story. I think it’s the second book of a series, therefore I hope I’m not going to be lost or anything without reading the first one. We’ll see! 

The worst best man by L. Score 

Again, thanks instagram for this one too. I only know that this one is about a wedding and some characters being perfect stereotypes of what we are looking for in a romance. I don’t expect much from this one but it’s not really a problem as I’ve got the third book of Outlander to be finished after all of those above – and we all know that Outlander is not a light read! 

I hope you are safe and well, wherever you are. Stay focused on the one around you, those you love and those you don’t know but need others. Focus on something you love, for my case it’s books. Sending lots of love!

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