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mars 30, 2020

The comfort zone

  • mars 30, 2020
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The other day, I was telling to my boyfriend about imagining my life in Paris a year ago. Everything felt huge back then: taking the metro, going to a new university, finding an internship… well, starting a new life basically. Even though I had already done it, and not just once, it felt huge and only because it was outside my comfort zone. Now, all those things are easy peasy to me. 

It got me thinking about how comfort zone are working, and how easy it is for it to grow. Think about yourself five years back: all the things you do now may have seemed impossible or scary back then, and now they are just normal, a part of your life. The comfort zone gets bigger and bigger because you are brave enough to make the first step out of the line. 

I tend to jump right away into the new side of the comfort zone, baby steps are not really for me. Well, life never made it slow for me anyway – absolutely not complaining! But somehow, it feels good because those things or events were meant to happen. Two years ago, I would not have felt sure enough to move once again, therefore it did not happen. A year later, it did happen because I was confident and ready. That’s why the move felt easy and quick. 

“You don’t grow when you are comfortable” 

This is probably the most accurate thing ever. Settling into something safe is totally fine because you need to feel secured in your own life – if not, what’s the point? But settling in without taking risks or making changes in your life won’t make you grow or open to new possibilities. I know sometimes it’s really hard, those steps seem impossible to make. And it will take time to make them happen, to make them normal. But once it is, you can only feel ready to conquer new fear, right?

PS : Oh. Yes. Putting my face here, without make-up on and messy hair is not part of my comfort zone at the moment. I try to be better at that, sort of. 

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2 commentaires:

  1. It's a nice way to think about comfort zones, how they keep growing every time we throw ourselves out there; it seems there are many more things we can conquer for as long as we keep going and doing the things we once thought were impossible. Thanks for sharing with us!

    Anna Jo | http://helloannajo.blogspot.com

    1. That's a really nice way to put it, it's also very hopeful and that's the beauty of it!


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