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avril 06, 2020

What did I read this month? #7

  • avril 06, 2020
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Because March had turned into a really strange period, I planned to read more books because I wanted to get my mind off of things. But somehow, I did not read that much when the quarantine has begun. Nonetheless, I still managed to read some really interesting books worth sharing with you. Here they are! 

The au pair by E. Rous 

You can read my review here

What kind of girl by A. B. Sheinmel 

I struggled a bit to understand how this book worked at the beginning. I did not understand directly than one chapter meant only one person with different labels on them. It was really interesting to read the thoughts of teenagers going through hard times, especially regarding violence between two people “in love” each other. It was a bit too much that only two teenagers were dealing with so many problems: domestic abuse, eating disorder, self-harm, bulimia, etc. I don’t know if the author wanted to put all problems into two people only, but it was a bit too much. Of course, it can happen in real life, but the point of this book is to have the teens’ points of view on what they’re dealing, not having all the problems in the world. 

Dark matter by B. Crouch 

This book was something! I don’t normally read this kind of book but someone recommended it somewhere and I thought it was worth trying. And it was! A LOT of moments where too long and boring, but the whole book is interesting and strange and disturbing. Parallel universe with multiple self is something really hard to follow and understand. Yet, here it’s really well thought and the story is interesting. Finding out who you could have been if you made different life choices, understanding the value of what you have and what you don’t are important messages and ideas in this book. 

If I never met you by M. McFarlane 

I don’t particularly love this book, but this is the first book of a long list of romance I want to read. It’s easy, light and quick. Exactly what I need. But this one was not amazing. We follow a break up of some life crisis after 18 years. She wants to make her ex jealous by faking a relationship with a man at work who date everyone. Of course the inevitable happen: they fall in love. It’s obvious and I can’t count the number of time I read this sort of story. It’s a bit boring and follows the same pattern. Still, the main character was interesting. She is a powerful and successful woman who clearly doesn’t need a man in her life to be happy. But romance writers seem to forget that a woman can survive more than a few weeks without a man… And the part where she mysteriously finds out something that happened to her when she was little was absolutely coming from nowhere. Did the writer need some #metoo issue to make his book modern and inclusive? 

Red, white and royal blue by C. McQuiston 

I saw this book everywhere on instagram lately (like most of the books listed above) and I thought, why not give it a try? I love stories when the Royal Family is involved, and even though it was a fiction, it was nice. It’s not good, but nice. 
Why not good? Well, like the characters, I’m in my twenties but I felt like they weren't acting like so, therefore I thought that this book was more addressed to younger people than me. Alex, for example is really not my favourite type of character. I liked Henry a lot and how British he was. He was deep, tortured in some way and posh (of course he was). Whereas Alex was not deepen at all, but could have. He is just impulsive all the time and hard to keep up with. 
Something did bother me a lot in this book, is how most women in the story needs to be aggressive, swearing all the time (I can’t count the number of “fucking” I’ve read in this book). Do you really need to be that sort of woman to be powerful and successful? NO. So why do we have to make women acting that way to be respectable and … feared? 
So you may have guessed that I did not love this book a lot, even though it was a nice romance (but completely impossible in real life, that’s for sure, unfortunately) if we only keep the love aspect between the two main characters. Other than that, it was bad.

That’s all for me for March! Of course, you can find all the books I’m reading on my goodreads. Feel free to tell me what book you’ve been loving at the moment. I’m always happy to have new recommendation. 

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