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mai 04, 2020

Grown ups by Marian Keyes

  • mai 04, 2020
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This is the only book I managed to enjoy during quarantine, so I guess it must be quite special. As part of the Zoella's book club, Grown ups was April pick. Except for the description, I knew nothing about it. However, once I read the first chapter, I was already all in. Let me tell you why.

At first, I was a bit lost with all the name and links between the characters. It's a big family with plenty of things happening to everyone. Lots of drama, sort of happy ending and some blow up from time to time. I thought it was good but a bit cliché. Jessie is amazing and a wonderful businesswoman. Yet, like every successful woman, she has to be described as very organized, control freak, etc. Because, apparently, women can't be successful while being chilled out and easy-going, right? It was really annoying because she is a really interesting character with many issues and strengths. Yet, the only thing that comes first is how she likes to control thing.
Another really annoying thing was Liam. His character is flat, boring and he is just a dick. It would have been interesting to make him that way little by little to see how manipulative he can be, but the author choose to do that in just one moment. I struggled to understand why he changed so quickly, why he was that way and acting like crazy.
Don't get me started on Ed and Cara because their end was just stupid. How can someone leave their love of their life because they are not okay, and come back once their fixed? This is simply stupid, coward and not understandable. You don't come back to your wife only if she's better. The description, when he sees Cara, made us understand that she was getting better without him and she might not need him in her life now. Yet, he chose to come back because she looks great.
And finally, why putting a man in Nell's life when she is definitely smart and strong enough to see how bad her relationship with Liam is? Again, another woman who needs to be saved by another man? No. The women in this book are amazing and strong, they don't need any man to thrive and live a happy life.

Well, I said I loved this book, but I choose to start with the negative points. I'm moving on on what was great.

Again, the women. They are all different and so human. They are kind and passionate about their work, dedicate to their family. Without judgment, they live their life without getting too much into each other life for privacy. I liked that even if Jessie's need to make everyone happy is getting beyond the line sometimes. On the other hand, the men are not that interesting. I'm not getting back on Liam, but the other two were not great. Ed is just passing in the story, hiding behind his wife and closing his eyes on her problems. Johnny is a bit more interesting and devoted to his wife, despite being described as the complete opposite. Still, they are just all passing in this book. And it was such a shame because it was a story about the whole family, not just some characters.

And the drama, the different period of time, the whole family gathering, etc. All of that make the book so great and entertaining. You never get bored. I read this book in a matter of days and it was exactly what I needed to put me back on track with my readings. 

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