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juin 08, 2020

How to read more?

  • juin 08, 2020
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When you study or have a full-time job, reading a lot can be quite challenging, but not impossible. However, if you’re not used to reading a lot or nothing at all, I’m not sure this post would be relevant to you. You might want to start off with 20 books a year, and see how you go. Reading a lot is not a race nor a challenge. I personally read that much because I love that and it’s basically what I love doing the most.  Today, I will only give you my tips who have worked for me, but might not work the same for you.

1)      Invest in a kindle

I know it’s quite a huge tip to give and not everyone can do that (I couldn’t, I was gifted one). I only say that to those of you who read a lot already and want to read more. If you’re been thinking of investing in one, just go for it. I already talked about it here, but to me it’s the best thing I could have to read more. 

2)      Read everywhere

On the tube, waiting for an appointment, before bed time, in the morning, on your lunch break, … I take the metro on a daily basis for work or university, and at least for more than 20 minutes. This gave me plenty of time to read and not just scroll my phone. I’m also use to read before sleeping and in the morning with my tea (if I’ve got the time). And basically, I always have a book (or my kindle) with me everywhere I go, just in case. This is probably when I can read the most during the day. 

3)      Prioritize

If you allow yourself to only read the books you have to read or finish, you’ll not get a lot of reading done. But if you read the books you really want to read, then you’ll read a lot more. Reading something that is really interesting will make you read it faster and then read more books in the end. However, when you force yourself to read something you’re not interested in, it will just wait until you just forget about it. I know it can be hard for some people to not read a book entirely, but there is absolutely no pressure to read the whole thing just because you think you have to.

4)      Switch things up

I used to hate reading more than one book at a time. But sometimes, I got stuck even if I liked the book. Therefore, I read something else. Your mood change, and I guess you don’t feel like reading the same book all the time depending on how you feel. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to read multiple books at the same time, but it might work for you.


I hope those few tips will help you if you want to incorporate more reading into your daily life. Most of them can be achievable quite easily, especially if you want to take the time for that. You also have to acknowledge that you won’t read just amazing and interesting books because you read more. No, you’ll also have less interesting or quite boring ones. And that’s okay.

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