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février 22, 2021

So, I tried audiobooks ...

  • février 22, 2021
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When I had my Kindle, it was a revolution. I doubled the amount of books I read in one year, I found VO books without struggling so much and basically: it was the best and easiest thing to have for a reader who try to read more. I only saw the benefit, but still preferring physical books. I never saw it as a replacement, just as another way to incorporate more books into my life.

This is how I saw audio books as well. But, there is something different about them that always made me skeptical to try them. For me, it didn't count as reading but more like listening to a podcast. I know it's a big topic in the reader's world but I really don't count it as reading. It even felt like cheating, which is ridiculous as it's not a race or anything of the sort. Still, I didn't think it was for me. So when I looked for The Four Winds by K. Hannah to download and also found the audio version, I just tried it. I was too curious to see how it felt to give it up without trying at least once.

I'm not sure it was the best book to start this new format. The voice of the reader was a bit off and robotic, I disliked the different voices and accents she made and was too focused on trying to be focused whilst experiencing something new that the first hour was difficult. But then, I just listen to it more as a background without trying too hard and it actually worked: I was focused in the story. Yet, it was still not that great. I don't know if it was the story, the reader or the whole new experience but it still didn't feel like reading.


So I tried with another book in French by an author I like at the moment. In my mother tongue, it should be easier to follow without having my mind wandering off. It was actually better this time. The voice was really deep and serious which stick to the ambiance of the story (a thriller), the different characters were distinguishable without him trying too hard. But it's so hard for me to stay focus on the story while doing something else. Walking is fine because I don't have to focus on something else, but otherwise I always wonder what's going on and what I missed while daydreaming.

I won't say I love audio books, but I will probably try to listen to them a bit more this year, especially when I'm cooking or cleaning the house (I don't listen to music that much at the moment, so this will be a great alternative). However, I'm curious to know your thoughts on the subject. Do you count listening to audio books as reading? Do you have a favorite audio book?

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