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juillet 05, 2021

What did I read this month? #13

  • juillet 05, 2021
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Before a proper reintroduction to this blog after months of almost disappearance, I wanted to talk about the book I've read in June. I didn't have that much free time to read, but I still manage to read a few really good books, thanks to lots of audiobooks, and times to read in the public transports.

The Switch by B. O'Leary

I think I've read every book from this author even though her books are not fantastic, they are just nice to read. This one was lovely. It's the sort of feel-good stories you need to read from time to time and remember that the world can be simple and beautiful. You know, in between thrillers.

Anxious People by F. Backman

This was a clear no to me. It sorts of ended well, but the beginning and ... well, most of the book is just boring. The characters were all idiots, the plot was not interesting and the story took too much time to be introduced. I was bored most of the time, but still managed to finished it. I wanted to read this one because of the title, thinking I could relate to the characters. And no. Not at all.

The Woman in the window by A. J. Finn

Can someone explain to me why this book is so popular at the moment? Seriously, it's probably the most boring thriller I have ever read. If we can call that a thriller. To me, it was mostly a depressed and alcoholic woman wandering around her appartement. End of the story. Yes, the thriller bit could have been intriguing and interesting, but it really wasn't because of the way it was introduced to the story. Nobody could trust the main characters, not even the reader. I really didn't like this book. It was just bad.

1991 by F. Thilliez

The last book of Thilliez came out earlier this year and I had the chance to read it (thanks mum). I love his stories even though they are really dark and make you think that all people out there are possible killers. And this one didn't depicted Paris into a beautiful city (at least, not the one you see in Emily in Paris). It was a bit different than his other stories, but still about women being killed in terrible conditions. What is it about women being killed with Thilliez?!

Le loup des Cordeliers by H. Loevenbruck

Here is to my favourite books of the month. The reader follows a young journalist in Paris, in the middle of the French Revolution where a mysterious murderer and his wolf are killing bad men. This book was amazing. It made me feel like I could see the 1789's Paris. I could feel the tension rising in the city, people's liberty itching and the end of the monarchy coming. I'm not used to read this part of the history but you can be sure I'm going to read the second book to know more of this story.

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