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juin 17, 2018

How to: enjoy the little things

  • juin 17, 2018
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We all tend to wait to live many great things like travel to beautiful places, eat great food and meet amazing people. And let’s admit it, we live in a society where things like that are put forward, especially with the help of social media like instagram where everyone’s life (mostly) looks perfect. And I’m sorry to say it but, life isn’t. So let’s appreciate the things we have in our life. 

I don’t live often this kind of great and amazing stuff, but I do love my life. And why? Because I’ve learned how to appreciate the little moments and things that are beautiful and perfect to me. It can be having the window wide open in a summer night with 60s old song in the background, it can be buying a new plant or just a moment shared with someone. Happiness can be in the details, so we have to stop waiting for it and just start looking for it. 

 Here’s what I loved lately: 
- Planting seeds with the barbu, I like to call ourselves old people because we tend to look like a very old couple. But I like that. 

- Buying a new mirror: I know I have to stop buying stuff, but this place needed a nice mirror and I found one which does not coast as much as my rent. 

- Changing my wardrobe: the other day, I spend my morning clearing out my wardrobe and selling stuff and trying to focus only on the thing I love and which looks like me. This also means me, scrolling thousands of clothes to find the right thing that I can wear… 

- Discovering new and inspiring people to follow: I’m going to do a post on the people that I love following the most, because there is so many great people out there. But finding people that inspire me can be a real source of happiness (and I can be quite obsess too, tell me I’m not the only one…) 

- Waiting to spend time with my love ones: I only got a few friends and my boyfriend (mostly) where I live, my family isn’t far away, but I don’t see them quite often. And lately I’ve realized how much they are important and also how much it’s important to focus on the things I love about them, and not the negative ones. 

- Planning the future: this one is as stressful as positive because there is so much that should change during the next months and I’m really looking forward to that as much as it stresses me out.  (oh, and I validated my year so this makes me really happy!)

- Finishing a great book: it’s been a while since I haven’t read a really good book, you know. One I read in two days and are just amazing, a lot of suspense and creepy stuff. Puzzle by Franck Thilliez has been the one, and it’s really great. 

Oh and yes, there is a Naruto figurine. It's not mine, but it's not just my place so I had to have it here (even if it's not pretty and doesn't go with anything, sorry love).

Here are a few things that I loved in my life lately.  So now it’s your turn to tell me one little thing of your life.

I'm 24, I've got freckles (you get it now) and I'm a grumpy French, sometimes, who writes in English. I love books, cats, le barbu, pizzas and Dicaprio.

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