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juillet 13, 2018

A letter to the 16 years old me

  • juillet 13, 2018
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Right now, you probably have your nose deep down in one of Anna Gavalda’s book, and you’re right because it’s kind of one of the best thing that happens to you. This is where this whole new world of inspiration comes from. Your love for good stories, inspiring people and observing them. I also know that your big dream is still to live in Paris, to live in one of a Haussmannien apartment and to read in one of those café. Even if London will be your favorite, this dream will still be there deep down, on his way to be realized I hope. So keep going, dream of big things because you are allowed to.

I also know that right now is not the best time of your life. Shits happen, they always do and you know that. This is why you have to be strong, and you will but you are also going to bury  lots of feelings inside. Please, don’t because it’s going to take you a lot of time to let people in. Feeling something is always better than nothing. You have to let go and stop thinking too much. And things are gonna get better you know, better than what you have already lived. So never stop yourself, for anything and anyone and … just go wherever you want to go. Do whatever you want to do (except cutting that hair TWICE, it was cute on Emma Watson, not on you honey). And allow yourself to love people more often, stop looking for perfection and accept the other around you because friends are very important.

Be selfish, be bold and confident. Be brave and happy. We both know that you don’t care that much about what people think of you when they don’t matter to you. Let them talk, you are all 16 and it’s fine if not everyone is mature enough. Please, don’t waste your time and energy with shitty people that don’t want anything good for you, they don’t deserve your time. You are young and you’ve got your whole life to make good friend (but NEVER let go of the good friends you do have now).

And finally, accept who you are. Accept that you are “different”, that you like to read instead of partying even if everyone says it’s not cool. You don’t care, what is important is who you are and embracing that. You’ll find people that get you, even if they’re not like you. Yes, you’ll always have people for you, no matter what you think. So live fully, and stop waiting to begin that life. Time is precious. Being sixteen is precious.

PS: I was serious about the hair!

What would you say to your younger self?
Are you proud of what you achieved?

I found this photos taken when I was 16 and already moody. I still love them and thought they were perfect for this post. They are not perfect, some are not even focus, but I love the mood they've got, they remind me of the old me who is still here for some parts.

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