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août 13, 2018

The birthday wish list : 50 books I want to read

  • août 13, 2018
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I'm not a complicated person when it comes to gifts. It's simple, if I could only have books, I'll be the happiest (even if I'm not against a nice lipstick...). There are so many good books out there that I'm craving to read, so instead of doing a wish list for my birthday of things I don't need and don't really want, I thought it would be better to do a list (after doing a big reorganizing in excel, YES, me!) of 50 books I really want to read at the moment.

The anxiety solution by C. Brotheridge
She must be mad by C. Cox
The sun and her flowers by R. Kaur
Les joies d'en bas by N. Brochmann
Culottées tome 1 by P. Bagieu
107 ans by Diastème
Les gros mots : abécédaire joyeusement moderne (...) by C. Edgard-Rosa
What a time to be alone by C. Eggerue
Elle s'appelait Sarah by T. D. Rosnay
The feminine mystique by B. Friedan
Call me by your name by S. Aciman
L'égoïste romantique by F. Beigbeder
I don't know what to do with good white people by B. Bennett
Why I am not a feminist by J. Crispin
Headscarves and hymens by M. Eltahawy
The multi-Hypen method by E. Gannon
Bad feminist by R. Gay
La fille qui lisait dans le métro by C. Féret-Fleury
La lettre écarlate by N. Hawthorne
Feel the fear and do it anyway by S. Jeffers
Le plus petit baiser jamais recensé by M. Malzieu
Le trône de fer, tome 3 by G.R.R. Martin
How to build a girl by C. Moran
Libres! by Ovidie
Le grand mystère des règles by J. Parker
We need to talk about Kevin by L. Shriver
You are a badass by J. Sincero
Cordialy Invited by Z. Sugg (not out yet...)
Ceci est mon sang by E. Thiébaut
The hate U give by A. Thomas

Pussy, a reclamation by R. Thomashauer
The little black book by O. Uwagba
101 Essays that will change the way you think  by ?
Les règles ... quelle aventure!  by ?
Dear Ijewele, or a feminist Manifesto in 15 suggestions by C.N. Adichie
Lyrebird by C. Ahern
Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe by B. Alire Saenz
The heart goes last by M. Atwood
Girl up by L. Bates
La fille qui lisait dans le métro by C. Féret-Fleury
It only happens in the movies by H. Bourne
How to be a grown up by D. Buchanan
Girlhood by C. Clarke
The gender game by J. Dawson
Room by E. Donoghue
I love you too much by A. Drake
Not that kind of girl by L. Dunham
Miracle morning by H. Elrod
Heartburn by N. Ephron
Backlash: la guerre froide contre les femmes by S. Faludi

Okay so now, if you had no idea what to read, here at 50 books ideas for you. Some of them are in French, other are foreign. Some of them are on this list for years, some of them were added yesterday. Of course, I couldn't post all of the +150 books on this list, but this sample is a good start.

So tell me, how many of those have your read? Do you recognize some of them that are also on your reading list? 

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2 commentaires:

  1. Hey salut !
    Une belle liste de livres à lire ! Les livres que j'aimerais beaucoup lire dans ta liste sont The hate U give et Elle s'appelait Sarah. Il me tarde les lire :)

    1. Belle et longue, oui :)
      "Elle s'appelait Sarah" a l'air tellement bien, je ne sais pas si tu as vu le film ?


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