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août 10, 2018

Understanding how and why our opinions are changing

  • août 10, 2018
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The other day the barbu and I went to a farm just outside the city we live in. We are used to being surrounded by cars, pollution and noise everywhere and having these few hours, in which felt like the countryside, was so nice. It was a beautiful and sunny day, we just enjoyed the fact that we were in a quiet place with animals and almost no one around. This whole situation made me think of the me a few years ago. I spend 19 years of my life in what feels like the most boring place to live in France. There is nothing beautiful to see really and it’s too deep in the countryside for me. I had always hated it and as far as I can remember, my dream has always been to leave that town to somewhere bigger and funnier. Luckily for me, I did and I love living in a city where everything is around, without having to take the car or anything. But after three years in cities areas, I find myself to need some quiet times, some peaceful times like those we have in the countryside. I even came to miss (a tiny bit) what I had before: those long summer nights in my room in my parents’ house, listening to old songs with nothing else but the sound of my cat purring and the crickets outside, where you can fully see the stars in the dark sky.

The thing is, I don’t want to focus on the fact that I “miss” what I had because it’s not really the case. I only wanted to focus on the fact that our opinions and views on life are constantly changing. It’s been a couple of years since I noticed how adult I can be sometimes (I could even be a grandma …). My tastes are changing, I don’t aspire to the same things I used to. I always remember my parents telling me “You’ll see” or “You will understand later”. Now that I am in the “later”, I hate admitting that they could have been right.

We all have been through experiences (or life, basically) that made us change our view on things, our opinion even. It’s funny how for or against we can be for something. Everything can change so quickly. It doesn’t mean that we don’t stand out enough for ourselves/opinions, no. It’s more like we are open to new possibilities, to new way of approaching things and life. We are constantly changing because it’s how it’s suppose to work (I never really understood why people were so against change…). Everything around us is changing just as much and being stuck in the same mind in our whole life can’t possibly be a good thing. So let’s embrace our differences, our path who can be different from what we imagined in the first place because of events, people, places, etc.

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3 commentaires:

  1. Salut !
    J'ai beaucoup aimé lire ton article, il était très inspirant et incite aussi à réfléchir sur le changement !
    J'ai eu l’occasion de faire un tour sur ton blog et je le trouve très agréable au niveau visuel mais surtout au niveau du contenu, félicitations ! :D
    Tu écris vraiment bien en anglais alors je me demandais si tu avais quelques conseils pour améliorer son anglais ? :)

    Bonne continuation pour tes articles !

    1. Merci Marine, c'est le genre de chose qui fait plaisir :)
      Pour ce qui est des conseils, je dirais de regarder les films en VO avec les sous-titres anglais voir zéro sous-titre quand c'est possible, et de lire des livres/articles en anglais (les podcasts sont aussi un super moyen d'apprendre!). J'espère que ça pourra t'aider :)

    2. Il n'y a pas de quoi ;)
      Merci à toi pour les conseils, je les note précieusement !


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