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septembre 05, 2018

Why books are such a part of me

  • septembre 05, 2018
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The other day I talked about how writing was so important to me as I do it daily and it became a part of me now. Of course, I have to link this to my love for literature. It has to go together at they both use words to make me feel better, to make me feel lighter and less anxious. Like writing, reading has always been a part of me. Before knowing how to read, I would just invent myself the story of the book. I really was desperate to know how to read as I saw my mom reading a lot. We always had these big bookshelves (in plural, yes) where my mom put all of her books and I always liked to watch them for a long time. Yes, it might be weird, but I just couldn’t wait to read them all and have some of my own. It’s actually the only thing I want in my dream house: a gigantic bookshelf (and a fireplace, of course + a cat).


However, my relationship (if I can say so) with books has not always been pretty. At some point, I thought that reading and loving books was a very uncool thing (high school, you know). Nobody seemed to read as much as me back then, or at least no one was talking about it. I even felt stupid to read entirely the classic books that we had to read for school. I didn't enjoy them, but the idea of not finishing a book was out of the question (it's still is today). The thing is, everyone else always told that they never started or finished those books. So, I felt stupid, a bit weird also to like something that everybody seemed to dislike. But at the end of the day, the thing I didn't understand was why nobody liked reading or saying so. Everyone who enjoyed a book they've read in their life knows how amazing this feeling is. Reading every words of it and being almost sad when it's over. But again, nobody talked about those things, it was simply uncool. Someone who read a book during lunch time or any break was seen as a "weirdo" or someone to not be friend with.

One day I just say stop to all of that and I started to be very proud of myself for being such a book lover. Libraries and bookshop started to be my favorite place to be at and I couldn't deny any more something I loved so much. Especially something that brings so much to one's people's life. You learn new words, your imagination works all the time and you can just relax for a moment. How could I say no to that just for the sake of doing like everyone.

Now, I’m the proud owner of many books that I will never get rid of, even the ones I don’t like. They all have a sentimental values and memories. I’m not someone who has a particular love for material things, but books have definitely a sentimental value to me. I love knowing nothing about a book and just falling in love with it. It’s something powerful and I truly understand that it can be for everyone. People don’t like to read as other don’t like to play football, that’s all. I just wished that I was a bit braver in high school without hiding what I really liked. Reading is not uncool, at all. It doesn’t make you a certain way or weird. It’s just a thing that people like to do.

I'm 24, I've got freckles (you get it now) and I'm a grumpy French, sometimes, who writes in English. I love books, cats, le barbu, pizzas and Dicaprio.

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