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octobre 29, 2018

Brownies: how I finally managed to make them

  • octobre 29, 2018
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You might not know this but baking and cooking are things that I really enjoy doing (when I don't turn into a control freak). I love when I do something good and pretty but for some reason, brownies were never something I manage to succeed. I mean, it's not the most complicate recipe to do but being a very clumsy person, it can't quick turn into something complicated. But today is the day where I finally made good brownies. I found the recipe in a "cocooning" cooking book I bought this summer (when I started to crave autumn) and there is a very quick and easy brownies recipe. Here it is:

For 8 persons:
- 150g of dark chocolate
- 80g of butter
- 120g of sugar
- 80g of flour
- 2 eggs
- 50g of pecan nut

- Preheat the oven to 180°C
- Butter a baking tin and put greaseproof paper inside.
- Melt the chocolate and the butter to the micro-waves (or bain-marie). Then add the sugar and flour. Stir together, than add the eggs. Stir everything again.
- Poor the preparation in you baking tin, add your pecan nuts at the top. Put in the oven of 15 to 25 minutes (it depends on how fondant you want your brownies).

Thanks to this Larousse cooking book who saved me with this recipe. As I said, it's so simple and quick (and delicious!). So now tell me what is your favorite thing to bake when it's raining outside?

PS: It's the first time I have to translate a recipe so I'm not very sure on how understandable it will be for my fellow English readers. 

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