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février 08, 2019

What did I read this month ? #1

  • février 08, 2019
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Because I love book so much and because I need to talk about them, I figured I would say a few words here on the last good ones (or not so good) I've been reading. I didn't make any resolutions, but reading more books is definitely something I want to achieve this year. Also, I don't want to just read them and move on. So books review on here seemed to me to be the best idea. I won't post about all the book I've read as some of them did not make me felt anything. Well, I guess I'm only going to talk about the ones that are incredible or the others that needs to be talk about. Alright, let's get right into it! Here are some of the books that I read in January.


Dear Ijeawele: a Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

I read her previous book (We should all be feminists) and thought it was brilliant. I imagined that this one would be the same. And I loved it even more. Yes it's simple and one might even say that it is obvious or quite repeated in everything we can hear about feminism these days. But the thing is, everything is well said, simple, clear and accessible to anyone. Feminism and what it is all about might be tricky to understand for some people. Therefore this book is perfect for people wishing to know a bit more quite easily. It's a very quick read, well written and understandable. After this book, there is no reason that feminist is not understood.
I also think that everyone should read it. Everyone (mother and father) should read that to their children (girls AND boys) because it's so important to give the right example to future generations in order to make their life easier and happier than what it actually is for us. The writer her is actually writing a letter to her friend asking her for advice so that her newborn daughter will be a good feminist. I love the idea, but during my reading, I couldn't help myself but asking if this woman would have advice if her newborn was a boy. Would she ask advice to make her son a good feminist? Because all feminist are not just women, right? This is why I strongly advice this little book to absolutely everybody.

The Only Story by Julian Barnes

I don't even remember how this book end up on my reading wish list, but it did. Somebody must have recommended it. But, I keep asking "why"? Why this book was on this list?  I mean, the story in itself is interesting: a 19-year old boy having a relation with a woman more than twice his age. Even the first lines of the book were really promising. A complicated love story in three parts. Everything should be here so that the reader, me, enjoy this story. And yet, I felt nothing except deception and boredom. The characters are both annoying, not saying what they should if they truly loved each other. Well, I should not really say that as this love story as something quite toxic in it, therefore they won't act as if they really and deeply care about the other. But they do, we can feel that (at least from one side). But, as a reader, I expect from a love story to move me in any way. Here, I was just happy that I've finally finish a book that probably wasted my time (well actually no. Books, as bad as they can be, cannot be a waste of time).
The thing is, I expected a bit too much from this book as I waited for something great to happen, something deep and intense. This love story might be that, but the writing made no sense of it. Nothing. I genuinely felt nothing. Some aspects might have been good to be detailed, but they are not. Left on the side, feeling that it will be tackled again, but no. I'm only expecting more when reading a love story, anything but boredom...

Vers la beauté by David Foenkinos

Foenkinos is probably one of my favorite French author. I've read most of his books and it's like I'm falling in love with the beauty of his writing. The stories he writes are simple, delicate, nothing alike. I can't explain what I'm feeling when I read one of his books (like Anna Gavalda, my favorite). I find it in everything he writes, and even more in his last book, Vers la beauté. I loved everything of it, how we get to be in the head of every character in one page. How normal, awful, broken, loved his characters are. He immediately put questions in our minds, questions that we have to wait before having an answer, which gives a sort of suspense.
He writes love stories like no one. He reveals the beauty in every character he imagines, their fragility and humanity mostly. Here, no superhero and superficiality, everything is just beautiful or terrible, a bit like the real world. He imagines a simple story with average daily-life characters and makes a world out of it, with his beautiful touch that only him does.
If you want to read something beautiful, touching, full of feelings, read any of his books. But I have to recommend you this last one, it is touching and genuine.

Sorcières by Mona Chollet

After that Mona Chollet came in my town, and that one of my best teacher recommended this book, I told to myself I really needed to read this book. I was curious as I thought it was only going to talk about witches and a bit of feminism obviously. But I was so disappointed. Not by the book itself, it's really good, but by the fact that this book don't even talk a lot about witches. Maybe during the introduction, but that's all.
I love books or anything that have to do with feminism as long as I learn something new. Now, we tend to have so many things available to us that shows different views on this subject. That people are becoming more and more interested about equality is a great thing, but I feel like I don't really read anything new when it comes to gender inequality. It's getting boring to hear the same stories over and over. Well, it's sad actually that people are focusing so much on what is not good. Yes, women are far less inferior than men, and it through reading and reading that I truly understood that. But when you read many books that have the same opinions and ideas about the same things, it's boring. That why I was even more disappointed when I understood that this book was again, another book telling things that I would have probably already heard. But let me tell this: this book is good. Really good. It's a good basic to have when you want to have knowledge about feminism and some of its pioneers. I learn things, I read new ideas and it was fulfilling even if I was not always agreeing with them. Just don't read it if you want to learn a lot of things about witches ...

That's it for the month of January! I have managed to read even more books than I thought and I really proud of myself (and intend to do the same for February). I did not mention every book I've read but some of them were not really interesting for me, therefore I did not see the point to talk about them here. I am probably going to do that every month, so let me know if you enjoyed it!

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