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avril 25, 2019

The sex series #1

  • avril 25, 2019
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Let’s talk about sex, not that I am desperate to write about my sex life or how good of a goddess I am in bed, no. I just feel the need to write about this topic, which is still very taboo, despite our modern and progressive-ish era. I just don’t get why, that’s the whole point of this blog post. Why don’t we never speak about sex? Think about it, you know you are really close to someone when you can talk about sex as it is something hugely personal. Well, yes it is. But, it is also the most common and natural thing to do, next to eating and sleeping. And yet, we all make a big thing of it and make it even scary sometimes, or… dirty? 

For the last few years, I have seen a few people talking about the sex subject a bit more in a very open way without having to say anything about their private life or anything about what they don’t want to. And I think it’s great and very, very, VERY interesting and informative. Reading more and more blog post or books about the subject made me think about a way that I too, could discussed about without having to expose my private life. Which I won’t. 

But, the thing is, there is a huge lack of information about the whole sex topic and I find it very sad and even concerning. Is it normal now to have to make a sexual education on the internet with youporn and all? Is it normal to have so many people thinking there is something wrong with them because they don’t correspond to the standards of the porn industry? Is it normal to make a fuss about virginity, especially for a girl? As if it is something so very precious that she really has to preserve herself, whereas the guy can just do what he wants any time because it’s not that symbolic? Well no, no, no and no. None of this is normal AT ALL. It’s not normal that a lot of women (and men) don’t even know how their genitals organs are made, it’s not normal to have a little or none sex education at school. It’s not normal to feel pressure to have sex as soon as possible like it would solve all of the problems. No. 

Sex is not a dirty word. 

I even feel a bit weird to write about this kind of topic even if I’m kind an open kinda gal, but the taboo around sex is so big and just everywhere that it’s still a part of me. But, the more I educate myself about sexuality, the more I learn things that make me out of my mind. I was lucky enough to not have crazy ideas about sex or anything. But, I understood very quickly that it was quite rare to not have huge expectations or many misrepresentations. That it was quite rare to talk about it freely. And the more I understand that, the more I read books and articles, the more I wanted to write about it. So here I am, with the first post of the #sexseries. I hope there will be plenty of them about all of the things I’ve learned or came across. Feel free to contribute to it, to ask questions, to share articles/documentaries/books, anything, as I will too. 

PS: For my fellow French speakers, I wanted to talk about the podcast “Entre nos lèvres”. It is hosted by two women who are amazing and have such a watchful eye with their guests. They discussed about sexuality, genders, sex education, all kinds of good stuff. I loved it since the first episode and I find it so interesting while challenging the taboo around sex. It is probably my favorite podcast ever and it had open my eyes many times. Click here to listen their podcast.

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