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avril 12, 2019

Thoughts on my last read

  • avril 12, 2019
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I recently read Everyday sexism by Laura Bates and wanted to write about it here more in detail. I could not stay silent after reading such a book. It had a great impact on me even if I knew some information. There is always so much more that we don’t know and it’s kind of scary here. 

Let me talk about the book itself. Laura Bates created the Everday Sexism project where plenty of women (and men) told their story about everyday sexism they had experienced. She based her book on those testimonies and created different categories (sexism at work, in politics, on the streets, etc.), using some of the stories that were sent to her. With that, she wrote her book and added a lot of thoughts on the different problems that our current society is facing. Unfortunately, the result of the project is really scary. We do know now, thanks to the #metoo movement that we are not alone to face any type of assault of sexism on a daily basis, but knowing that we are that many is very overwhelming. I can’t even imagine how Laura Bates felt when she read all of those testimonies telling about shitty stuff that happened to them.

I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to educate themselves about the sexism that women are facing every day. I would even recommend this book to any men willing to open their eyes about the current situation. The book tells it, but it’s not because you are not one of these men described in the book that they do not exist. They do, and they can be anyone, anywhere at any time. After reading this, it’s important to ask ourselves if the people around us are good to us because there were many cases where the victim had no support whatsoever. 

Now, I want to add my thoughts on this book. I find it really interesting as much as it made me angry, sad and discouraged. But, it also made me really happy to have such a strong and open surrounding around me, and again, I understand now how important it is. 

It makes me sad to hear (men) people saying that gender equality is already reached or that there can’t have that many women victim of sexism. Yes, it is too big to believe it, but it is true. Think about all of the women you know and how many of them have been victim of sexism, sexual assault or any type of harassment. The answer is many, many of them. We can’t stay blind with all of those facts, we can’t say that the right to vote and the right to abortion are enough. It’s not. If we don’t feel safe to walk alone at night anywhere, if we don’t feel equal to our male co-workers, if we are still sexually objectified, then the fight is not over. 

This book has open my eyes a bit more, it has made me want to educate myself furthermore and go deeper. The more I read, the more I learn, and the more I want to know and understand. I am so thankful that those kinds of books exist because it is important to know the real facts of our actual world. Especially since this one talks only about the occidental society, it could be even worse it the whole population was taking into account. But, I guess it’s already enough to feel outraged. 

Have you read this book? If so, what’s your opinion on it? Do you have any further recommendations?

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