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mai 20, 2019

100 kms of London

  • mai 20, 2019
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London has this energy, this atmosphere that is unique and quite incredible. Even the smell of this city is different, people are different. Everything is moving fast and can make you a bit overwhelmed when you’re not used to it. But, I’ve been waiting to go back the moment I left the city almost three years ago. And I could not be more exited to go back there with le barbu, walk in the same street I walked in what seems today another lifetime. 

We stayed at Park Grand Paddington Court hotel which was perfectly located: less than five minutes from Hyde Park, between two tube stations that went to the center. The street was quiet (and so pretty), but the moment you turn to another street you could feel the vibrant atmosphere of the city. I highly recommend the hotel and the location (which has plenty of hotels) if you were wondering where to stay in London.

We arrived at St Pancras and went straight to the hotel. We took the long way, but we found so many cute streets that it was worth it. Then, we headed to Camden Town because what area could be more perfect to really feel the London vibe than this? Sadly it was already late and most of the shops there were closed and there was not many people around. But, at least we looked at the place itself and I had never really notice how pretty the architecture there was in the market. Before we left, le barbu had his first experience of bad bakery in England. It’s not against the UK, but let me tell you, France is way better at croissant and pain au chocolat!

We went to Leicester Square, again, to be in the very heart of London and live the experience fully from day one! We found a place to eat which I do not really recommend (the music was way too loud and the pizzas not so good), and visit the huge Lego store next door. Even if you are not interested in these kinds of stuff, just go inside. You’ll see the most incredible Lego construction, and can even leave with a customized Lego people (or whatever you call them).

I had booked to go to the Sky Garden (you can’t go without a reservation even if it’s free!), so this is where we went the morning. Before that, we walked around the City and made a few stops stops: first  at Saint Paul Cathedral, then at this incredible and slightly hidden place called Saint Dunstan. It’s an abandoned church in the middle of high business buildings and it’s really lovely. We also stopped at Leadendhall Market, which is also something nice to see in the area (do we see it in the first Harry Potter movie?!). Then, we queued up for the Sky Garden. Sadly it was raining by the time we get there so we could not go outside, but still, it was really nice. You can see everywhere around the tower and the place itself is also quite nice even if it’s mostly about taking photos and selfies everywhere.

Then we went to one of my favorite pizzeria in England: Zizzi (I mean, do you English people do even know what it means in French?). We went to the one just next to the Thames and the view was pretty cool. And the pizza (+ desserts) was as good as I remembered. Then, we decided to go to Regent Street, Mayfair and Oxford Street. And we did pretty nothing else than Primark. I know, but do not judge us please. Then, we went straight back to the hotel (this store is unbelievably tiring as hell!) and had Fish and Chips in bed (bad decision for the smells, and what is about this huge portion of fish they gave? How do people eat everything?).

A bright sunny morning to go to Notting Hill. I went a few times there and I never really understand why people loved this area so much. I still have not yet figured it out, it was nice but not that great. Yes the colorful houses are pretty, but I don’t know, I don’t find it amazing. However, we still got some pictures before going to Covent Garden. On the opposite, I loved the area even more. The place it’s so young, cool and energetic. There are so many things to see, even on the Covent Garden Piazza (we event went twice to buy a cool card of London there!).

For the afternoon, we went to Sevenoaks. It’s just 30 minutes by train, before Tunbridge Wells and this was where I lived. It was really special for me to go back there and show this part of my life to my boyfriend. Nothing much had changed, but it still seemed different. The house I used to live in is now the home of strangers, the street seemed smaller and the people different. But, I guess, in three years, things (and me) have time to change. Yet, it felt strange and great to return there. If you are in the area, I highly recommend the Knole Park (it’s huge and there are stags everywhere).

Then we went back to the hotel in London to rest a little (we walked a lot that day in Sevenoaks, no tube nor anything…), and decided to go to Nando’s in Baker Street. It was really loud and I felt pretty tired + sore throat, so not that great of a combo! But it was still nice, full bellies!

We went to South Kensington, which I was SO excited about because it’s my favorite area in London (I’m French, so it does sounds nice in a foreign country to have lots of other French around). We just walked in the pretty streets of the area and went to Harrods which I believe is a must see. It’s a bit of a labyrinth, but still.

We headed to the park to have a nice walk (another one…) and go to Marble Arch in order to (finally) get a bus to go to the Tower Bridge. It was actually our first time in one of this red bus and we loved it! We were like little kids looking everywhere. It’s an experience in itself even if the way they drive there is terrifying! So, we only made a quick stop at Trafalgar Square then headed to the Tower Bridge to have another walk to the Queen’s Walk. I always recommend it because it’s nice, just along the Thames. But we were pretty tired so we shortened the walk to go to St James Park. We made a quick stop (my back was killing me…) and headed back to the very center in Covent Garden and eat at … Zizzi’s again. 

Sadly, it was our last day and we had to check out. Before leaving, we made a short stop to the British Museum, and headed to Covent Garden (again) to find a place to eat before going back to the hotel for our suitcases and head to the Eurostar to go back to Paris.

It was really sad to leave, and we were quite tired. But, I just loved this trip, it brought back so many memories and created new ones. It did feel different, but it still felt like such a nice place to be. And I’m really looking forward to go back there again…

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