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mai 31, 2019

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

  • mai 31, 2019
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Five mothers, five lives, one death. The tricky relationships inside a family, the appearances that can fool everyone. This book talks about sexual assault, motherhood, friendship, violence, love, facade.

You may have come across this story through the HBO TVshow. I found it so great with golden actresses and this particular mood (and the songs, THE SONGS!). It was well made, and very true to the book for the most part. Therefore, I had to read the book. The fact that I already knew the story and how the book ends did not bother me. I really like the fact that the actors matched perfectly their characters.

Now, my opinion on the book. Well, I loved it! Generally, it was well written, coherent and it felt real. I find it difficult to have stories that seem real as if it could happen, but this book, except a few details, gave me this feeling of reality. Especially when it comes to the tricky relationships between a mother with her children, them growing and becoming their own person. Or the difficulty for a woman to find a place for everything she is in her life: a woman, a mother, a wife, and more. Those things gave depth to the book, and I’m sure a lot of moms can relate to this book. Of course, I found that other details of the book were a bit too much: this little war zone that the school is between mothers, the French au pair that had to be attractive to married dad (I was a French au pair, this cliché is quite annoying), the perfection of Celeste and her perfect face. However, they were not things that really had a bad effect on the book, like I said, they are just details.

Probably the biggest thing is the book is the multitude of subjects mentioned: motherhood, violence, rape, bullying or toxic relationships. They all feel real, are written perfectly. We don’t have that much details on violence between a woman and her husband or for the sexual assault, but we don’t need more than what is revealed to us. Everything in this book is perfectly measured so that it is not boring nor too long or too short.

Another interesting thing is façade on people’s life, what they show to the world, to their friends. The perfect life does not exist for ANYONE, and the book proves it. Photos on social medias are just photos and do not actually show the reality and the whole context of it. You can hide behind what you show of yourself/family to other, but at the end of the day, the whole thing is just a façade that could easily break.

Now, the only negative point would be the end. I was expecting a bit more pages, more details. I knew what was going to happen, therefore I was a bit disappointed when I saw how quick the book ended. And with the next season of the show, it’s probable that the book has a different end to the series, this is probably also why I was disappointed. But except the end (and the very first pages that I did not understand in regard of the whole book, maybe I missed something), I really liked the book and I would highly recommend it, as much as the TV series.

Have you read the book or watched the show? What's your opinion?

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