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août 13, 2019

Freckles and redhead

  • août 13, 2019
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When I was younger, I remember asking my mom quite a few times when my freckles would be gone. She said to me that they’ll probably leave when I grow up, like most kids. It was the case for her, and nobody in my family had freckles, so I did not really understand why I had them. I became really annoyed by it when I had more and more of them growing up. I tried to hide them because they did not seem to leave my face as my mom told me. Plus, my hair was turning more ginger than before. This, with my pale skin was too much, I did not accept anything. I just thought, like most people, that it was not the good way to look pretty. That I could not wear green, that I had to put make up to hide my freckles because it was quite rare = not the right way to look. I just told anyone that would listen that my hair was not red so I was not like redheaded people. It’s bullshits, right?

Now I’m older, a bit wiser, and I bloody love my freckles. Thanks to them, my skin feels alive and not so pale. I love my thick-almost-ginger hair and glad that I never see someone with the same hair colour (oh yes, it’s pride that you see here, no shame!). I understood that there is not just one way to look, I’m not interested anymore in looking like every girl in the street.

But, the thing is, what made me want to write this blog post today is the whole trend thing. First of all, I don’t judge anyone here. Everyone is doing what they want and that’s fine. I’m just putting my finger on something I saw and according to me, is worth being talked about. The trend I’m talking about is more about hair colour and make-up. I’m sure you’ve all seen people on the internet drawing fake freckles on their face, or changing their hair to red. Again, there is nothing wrong with that, but somehow, I still feel a bit … pissed? Well yes, we all spend our childhood/teens hearing that having freckles is not pretty as it means you have red hair, which is even less pretty ( = you are smelly or are a witch – lovely). I was not really mocked or anything, I’m just saying what I have always heard. So when the new trend now is to look like the people that you mocked, well it’s a bit annoying. What was something that made you different and weird is now the thing to be.

It made me think about the power of trends. Yes, power. When something is trendy, it put this thing above anything else and basically says “this is the new way to be, follow it or not, it still will be”, but only for a moment. Trends are strong, powerful, but ephemeral. What was once the opposite of cool can be the new way to be years later. And that’s cool, we all follow trends somehow, or at least choose which ones to follow, but we do. I just think it’s quite tricky to keep up while trying to look original or yourself. Well, I’m curious to know your opinion on trends!

Oh, and you see those really cool photos? One of my really talented friend took them the other day and because they are so great, I had to share them here as well. You can follow and see her work here!

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