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novembre 18, 2019

My autumnal reading list

  • novembre 18, 2019
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I know it is a bit strange that I’m sharing that list now when we are mid-November and it's more like winter outside, but I still wanted to share my autumnal TBR list (and now, some of them have been read these past few months). Maybe it can be useful for next year, without having to dig too much to find books to read in autumn.
A lot of them are horror story, thriller or historical. They seem to have the perfect atmosphere for autumn and it’s always the best to read books that match what you want to read seasonally speaking, if that makes sense.

  • Harry Potter saga by J. K. Rowling (READ)
  • The night gardener by J. Auxier
  • We have always lived in the castle by S. Jackson
  • Death of a neighborhood witch by L. Levine
  • The price guide to occult by L. Walton (READ)
  • The accident season by M. Fowley-Doyle
  • And the trees crept in by D. Kurtagich (READ)

  • Follow you home by M. Edwards
  • The family plot by C. Priest (READ)
  • Crooked House by A. Christie (READ)
  • Arrowood by L. McHugh
  • Small spaces by K. Arden (READ)
  • The witch of Willow Hall by M. Fox (READ)

Now I’m going to do a list for my December/Christmas TBR because this year, I want to do more than just watch (plenty of) Christmas movies. Anyway, have you read some of this list? Are you planning to next year?

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