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janvier 20, 2020

Book vs. Kindle

  • janvier 20, 2020
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No, I am not going to say which one is the best because they both are amazing and convenient for different reasons. But I have owned a kindle for a year now (bless you Santa), and I thought it could be interesting to give you my opinion on this amazing technology. I figured that a lot of people are thinking of buying one, and I’m sure this type of post could be useful for someone someday. 


If I managed to read that many books in 2019, it’s definitely because of it. The books are way cheaper and you have an immediate access to them, no need to wait for the postman anymore. It is really convenient for book storage: the number of books you can put in there is amazing. Having a really small device in your school/work bag is way lighter than a physical book. Plus, you can highlight your favourite parts without doing any damage to your book - people writing or doing anything on their book are devils to me, sorry. Reading as never felt so easy.

What about physical books? 

Yet, before owning a kindle, I was sort of against it. I knew it could be convenient, but the feeling of the pages on your fingers, turning them, holding the book, all of that just disappear with a digital book. I was scared to miss that, but it’s actually perfectly fine. I still read physical books when I want to and I enjoy the “sensations” even more now. I don’t think they are better anymore, they are just different. But in the end, you still get to read a book. 

I can’t tell you which one is better, but I would highly recommend investing in a kindle if you are thinking about it. If you are a big reader, it might be worth the price. And again, owning one does not mean saying goodbye to physical books for real. Plus, there is no such thing as “unreal” reading – physical, ebooks or audiobook are part of the reading process and are here to make us enjoy reading even more and also make our life easier. Keep in mind that reading should be fun!

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  1. I would love to have one! Planning on saving for it. I know nothing beats an actual book but it's really convenient to have a kindle. It's really nice to have all the books in your hands. Very accessible. Can't wait to have one! x

    1. The convenient part is a huge must, that's for sure! I hope you'll love it then ;)


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