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janvier 06, 2020

Here’s to 2020!

  • janvier 06, 2020
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Last year, I did not post about resolutions – which I never really keep – but I posted about “honesty”. It was important to stick to a meaningful value. I think I did a pretty good job at it, especially with the staying true to myself part. I knew how important it was to listen to my instincts, they never failed me. I wanted to do something similar for this year, finding a word and stick with it. However, I’m not sure if it’s the right move. Honesty felt natural and easy, I knew I needed it. For 2020, I don’t want to feel any pressure, even though I do have resolutions after all…

I don’t know how this crazy mind of me is working. I don’t call them resolution, but I sure do want to keep up with it. Read 80 books, watch more movies, go to the cinema more often and work hard. I want to keep my blog running every week and bring my instagram to a different level. I want to stop being crazy about tidying and leave my boyfriend be if the keys are not in their right place. I want to focus more and the positive in people and stop being so grumpy. Voilà. I’m sure I can manage those - not sure for the grumpy part actually.

2019 was a great year: I was graduated from college with an English degree, we found the perfect flat in Paris, I came back to London, I moved to Paris, we adopted a kitten, I found an internship with a new degree in French literature. I am fully happy even though everything did not come easy, at all. However, I’m hoping that 2020 will be a good one. I have my share of crappy years and this time, I want it to be even better and be as happy as I am today, with my boyfriend, my cat and our home in Paris.

Happy New Year guys, I wish you all the best for 2020! X

I'm 24, I've got freckles (you get it now) and I'm a grumpy French, sometimes, who writes in English. I love books, cats, le barbu, pizzas and Dicaprio.

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