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mars 16, 2020

Healthy breakfast: pancakes

  • mars 16, 2020
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Because of the situation right now in the world, I believe we need to distract ourselves from time to time. Listening to the news all the time is definitely not my way to go. This is why I want to keep my blog going with light – or not – topics that are important to me, because sharing what we like is a form of self-care, thinking of something else than the fear, panic or whatever is happening outside. So today, I wanted to share my pancakes recipe because it’s lighter to talk about that than the universities closing and the shortage of toilet paper. Let’s not close our eyes on what’s happening, let’s just say we all need to relax on something light and funny. 

The other day, I was on the hunt for healthy and quick breakfast that would fill me until lunch, and I found this recipe that I really love. I’ve done it twice now and even my cat likes it (things are probably better when you’re not allowed to eat them anyway). It’s not sugary or anything, it’s quite filling and good, depending on what you’re putting on it. I personally love adding some honey or peanut butter. 

What you’ll need
120 g of rolled oats
120 g of flour
300 ml of milk (of your choice)
1 dose (small packet) of baking powder 
1 tbsp. of sugar (optional) 
2 eggs

What you need to do
Mix all the dry ingredients together 
Add the eggs and mix 
Add the milk and mix it all together 

You can make them right after that like normal pancakes, or you can wait until morning. In that case, you might need to add more milk because the oats will soak the liquid. 

What’s your favorite topping when it comes to pancakes?

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