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mars 02, 2020

What did I read this month? #6

  • mars 02, 2020
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As predicted, this month was not a quantity one. I’ve managed to finish three books while being still deep in two others (quite big). But those three books were actually quite good and they are worth sharing with you. 

Outlander 2 by D. Gabaldon 

Oh boy, it was such a long one (and yet, one of the shortest of the series…). The Outlander series is incredible because of all the details that are put, all of the historical facts and the daily life of people more than 250 years ago. It was long, but it was very good. I knew the story and I believe that it helped me having a good knowledge of the characters and locations, but it’s still bloody interesting. 

Claire and Jamie are two amazing characters. They are inspiring, modern and so brave. Adding to that new characters who are so human and not so historical in a way (how to write about Louis XIV in a novel, Gabaldon does it amazingly!). There were moments I thought quite long and boring, especially when nothing really happens and it’s just about details. But the whole thing is brilliant, intelligent and really addictive. 

Petites natures mortes au travail by Y. Pages 

Well, this one was not my favorite. This book and the next one were to be read for a class about work and literature, but this one was probably too different for me. It is composed by short stories of different jobs with words that change a bit. Sometimes, it is hard to find what job it’s about, and sometimes I think the writer just goes too far. It’s original and very short, but not very interesting in the end. 

Aux animaux la guerre by N. Matthieu 

A thriller you have to read for uni? I say yes! This one was good, but the end was a bit disappointing, a bit like you needed more, or like an unfinished story. It was quite quick to read and easy to understand. Nonetheless, the timeline and the different periods can be quite confusing for the first read – oh yes, I had to read it twice. Lovely. 

The main story was interesting, the thriller bit, while taking place when a French factory is closing. We also follow some teenager in that city, but in the end, I did not see the point of that because it added nothing to the story. I won’t say I would like to read it again, but it was quite nice to read something else than a classic for a change! 

Here are the books I read in February, I hope you had some good ones! Tell me all about them.

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