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mars 09, 2020

The au pair by Emma Rous

  • mars 09, 2020
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The au pair by Emma Rous
Rating : 4,5/5

It's hard for me to be really addicted to a book, but when it does, I can't put it down until it's finished. This was the case for The au pair, and it was great. The book follows the story of Laura, an au pair in a rich family in England. She takes care of this little boy with an unstable mother who takes her own life after giving birth. The other timeline follows Seraphine, 25 years later, the daughter of the dead woman, who found something really strange about her family after her father's death. She starts her own investigation until it blows her family over.

I wanted to read this book because I used to be an au pair. I thought the story would focus on that part only, but it was so much more. I wanted another opinion of the experience, find some similitudes to my own story. Fortunately, I did not have the same destiny as hers! But I'm glad I read this book and discovered a story who get into the depth of it right from the first page. You don't have a boring introduction that adds nothing to the book, no. You are inside this strange family since the beginning, and then it get interesting.

The two story-lines concept is great because it gives more perspective, of course, but also because you have two period of time, 25 years appart. You get to see what really happen while discovering it with Seraphine. Moreover, you discover something at every turn of the page, every sentence is interesting to read because you try to understand, with the characters, what really happened that day. You have so much suspense and investigation - in a way - that you always need to know more. And in the end, you find yourself finishing the book in just two days because you could not put it down.

I was a bit disappointed by the end because it was a bit last minute and too easy, as if the author wrote the story without knowing how the end's going to be. Appart from that, I loved this book!

Have you read it? I really want to know what you thought of it if you did!

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