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juin 01, 2020

What did I read this month?

  • juin 01, 2020
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The reading slump during quarantine hit me pretty hard. I thought I would use this time to read way more than before, but I didn’t. I almost read anything at all until “Grown ups” for the Zoella’s book club. It was not the sort of amazing book you could imagine getting out of a reading slump, but it was good enough to put me back into reading again. And actually, may was a good month in terms of great discovery. Let’s talk about it.

Grown Ups by M. Keyes and The Nightingale by K. Hannah

You can find my review here and here


Nine perfect strangers by L. Moriarty

Liane Moriarty is a great author, and with this book she proves how great her writing can be. Well, this book was not my favourite, but I still enjoyed reading it a lot. The first half was great. You can feel that something strange is going to happen. I thought it would remind me of one of Agatha Christie’s novel, but it did not in the end. That’s what was missing to me, a bit more mystery. The second half was just too long and probably pointless. Yes, you get to know a bit more the different characters, their background. But they are simply not interesting enough to make that useful. It was just too long. The actions that took place were taken ages and apparently, nobody saw the point of it. I thought it wasn’t getting anywhere and something else could have happened instead, something way more intriguing.

I actually hated all the characters. Masha with her little pet, Yao, is ridiculous. Frances is the most annoying and quite stupid, Ben and Jessica are embodied stereotypes and that made me angry. The other, except the family, are just pointless. But still, I enjoyed the book. I know it’s strange given the thoughts I shared by the whole book was nice enough to read in just a few days. It’s quick, easy and light.

Men without women by Haruki Murakami

I had this one waiting to be read for months, and I finally took the time to do so. And it was a waste of time, sadly. I enjoyed the fact that it was little stories but they were just boring. That’s it, the book was boring. I know the author is quite famous, but I don’t understand why through this book. Men without women is just a book about men, about them understanding how self-centered they are even if they think their love is stronger than anything. It’s just a book about men talking about themselves.

I hope you managed to read everything you wanted in May. What's been your favorite?

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