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juillet 06, 2020

What did I read this month? #9

  • juillet 06, 2020
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I started June with the new Hunger Games book, desperate to read it as I love the series so (so) much. In the end, I haven’t even finished it yet (too long to get started, not interesting enough for the moment – what do you think?), but I still read great books.

Quand nos souvenirs viendront danser by V. Grimaldi

You might remember her from my previous post as I read plenty of her books at the beginning of the year.  They all became all time favorite, and this one as well. It’s a story about old people, of memories, friendships, family and love. Plenty of love. You may cry and laugh with this book, but your heart will do that with you. It’s beautiful as we are in the end of an 80 year-old woman with a lot of memories to remember and a big full life. This is just a book about the beauty of a simple life, through the eyes of the people we never normally see.


Les gens heureux lisent et boivent du café by A. Martin-Lugand

You can see a French pattern here. But those kinds of books are always the ones I tend to read when I want a beautiful and meaningful story through simple things. This one starts with a crushing story. It becomes beautiful, sad yet hopeful. It’s really short – too short, so you might feel like some bits are missing or everything is happening quite fast. It’s still beautiful. Oh, and there is a second book, so I might read that one day.


An American marriage by T. Jones

As part of the #pollyflorencebookclub for June, An American marriage was the book chosen. I thought it could be something interesting and really catchy. And, nope. It wasn’t. One black man got arrested for something he didn’t commit (interesting), but we only follow his marriage (not interesting). The characters were mostly strangers towards another as I didn’t notice any connection. I was waiting for some fight and justice story, and that did not happen either. I was really disappointed with this book, especially because it was written in a way that it was difficult to see who was talking as they all had the same way of talking. Well, the characters didn’t have any character. So the writing style was disappointing. Anyway, you get it. Not a winner for me.


That’s mostly it for June as I only read 5 books. I’m still planning on reading French books so get ready for that next month! Now, tell me what you’ve been reading and if you’ve read any of those books I mentioned.

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