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août 24, 2020

A week in the Arcachon Bay

  • août 24, 2020
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A month ago (already), we went on holiday in the Arcachon Bay, not very far from Bordeaux. It was a much needed one-week holiday, and it was great. I kept a journal during this time, writing everything we did and everything happening, but I still want to document this trip here with some photos. At some point, whenever I’ll manage to do that, I might add a video to this blog post. We took a bunch of clips during the week and I thought it could be cool to do something a bit different. Anyway, let me take you back to our holidays…

We stayed there for five days in total – our last day was spent in Bordeaux – even if the trip to get there for the first day was a little bit longer than planned. We arrived at our cute Airbnb with the sounds of cicadas everywhere and the southern accent in our ears. Yup, we were definitely in the South of France! We rented bike the next day as we arrived by train and had no plan to rent a car. It was also the obvious choice to discover the area. I would highly recommend this choice if you are there just for a few days. It’s really enough. But the Bay is quite big, and you can’t see everything in a week with only bikes. Keep that in mind.







The Dunes du Pilat, La Teste, Arcachon, Cap Ferret … all of those were pretty amazing to see. The city of Arcachon is beautiful, especially the “Ville d’Hiver” with hundreds of villas, all so beautiful to look at. Those who live in those are really (really) lucky! The “Ville d’été”, on the seaside, is different. The beach is lovely, the town centre is okay but you’ve got a lot of tourists and people everywhere. It was not my favourite part of the city.

We went to La Teste which is a village for oyster farmers. We ate oysters and shrimps there, it was delicious. Again, lots of people on the touristic areas, but once you go deeper in the village, you manage to have quiet spots. It was beautiful, again – even though we didn’t see that much of it in the end.

And the Dunes du Pilat. Oh boy, I’ll remember them! They were just a 20 minutes ride from our Airbnb which was really cool. But it was the hottest day of the week/heatwave (around 40°C that day!) and it was quite difficult to climb those sand dunes, really hard. I couldn’t go at the very top, but we still had a pretty view from there. We took a picnic on the beach, had a swim and then got back to our Airbnb as it was just so hot, even on the beach.

The lighthouse of the Cap Ferret was majestic (I love lighthouse…), and the trip by boat to get there was really cool. We didn’t find very much to see there (we did not have our bike anymore at this point), I guess it’s mostly houses (if you’ve seen Les petits mouchoirs, you’ll know how beautiful the houses there can be).









And finally, Bordeaux. At this point, we’ve seen a lot of the train station there but not much of the city itself. So we walked (bad idea) to the city centre. It was crowded and still very hot at this point. From what we saw on the very short time spent there, it was a lovely city which looked a lot like Nantes in my opinion (not as cool anyway – sorry, but Nantes is such a lively and amazing city!). The old town centre was probably my favourite. However, I hope to visit the city again very soon as I’m sure I did not appreciate it as much as I should.


That’s all for this week-long holiday. It was nice to leave Paris for a bit and just breath some fresh and clean air. I hope you’ve managed to have some holidays as well, even if it was at home or just next door!

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