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août 17, 2020

Life lately

  • août 17, 2020
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Well, I'm writing again people! It took me a while to come back to this blog. I left it totally uninspired for the summer season. And frankly, I wanted some time off to focus on other things happening in my life. But the end of summer will shortly arrive (and hopefully the heatwave will go as well...), and my inspiration comes back. How typical? The whole "back to school" things is always making me exited and inspired. The season changing, autumn on its way, new books to read and lots to talk about. 

But before that, I'm still focusing on the present moment. I started a new job as an apprentice and I like it. It's stimulating and I don't have time to be bored, even if it's quite different as a beginning as I work from home. I've only spent one day in the actual workplace, and as they are super strict, they won't allow people to go back to work anytime soon. But that's okay for now. I'll have two more weeks of holidays before uni starts again. I'll finally start my master degree in September and I'm very excited to begin. It's everything I want and more, it gives me hope and possibilities for the futur.


We also went on holidays a few weeks back. Hopefully, I'll write about that very soon and might even come up with a video - will see about that! It was very much needed, relaxing with lots of discoveries, biking and beaches. 

As for the reading part, I'm currently reading the new Twilight book - Midnight Sun. I always loved the movies, and I actually don't remember much about the books. It's been a while so I'm planning on reading them all after I finish this one. And for the moment, it's quite good even if I found so many things that aren't right! Tell me what are your thoughts about it if you've read it already or planning to.

Oh, and finally, I turned 24! Time flies - look at me speaking like an old woman!

See you very soon...

I'm 24, I've got freckles (you get it now) and I'm a grumpy French, sometimes, who writes in English. I love books, cats, le barbu, pizzas and Dicaprio.

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