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août 03, 2020

What did I read this month ?#10

  • août 03, 2020
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Remember me? Yes, I know, I took a longer break than expected but I was simply not inspired to post here, and then I went on holidays for a week which was so much appreciated after staying inside in the city for month, and then I started my new job right away. But I'm going to talk about that in a futur post. Today is about the books I managed to read in July. I read 7 entire books in total and most of them were really good and worth sharing with you today. So, let's start!

Juste avant le bonheur by A. Ledig

What I love the most about a lot of French contemporary books is how poetic, simple and beautiful they can be. This one is probably one of my favorite book I've read in July. The story is beautiful, devastating, ordinary and extraordinary by the beauty of the characters. Agnès Ledig gives a real life story with beautiful characters. They are unique, "normal" and human. Yes, what strikes you the most in this book is humanity. You don't see the bad side of the human race, you see the good. And that sometimes is the only thing you want to see because you can't just have bad and unkind people. You have to have faith in others in order to be happy and be surrounded by good people. This book shows that in a tragic and beautiful way.



In order to live by Y. Park

Another of Polly Florence's book club. I was not disappointed by this choice for the month of July, it was such an interesting book! We follow the journey of Yeonmi in North Korea, her childhood there and how she fleed her country to try and find a better home to grow up and simply be free and happy. Her road was bumpy and terrifying. It was so hard to imagine someone your age living in the same years as you experiencing such a different lifestyle (might not be the right word...). I thought I was reading about the end of the XIXth century, and not our century. This book is important to understand a bit more of what's going on in North Korea, but we have to keep in mind that it's one testimony and there are plenty more to read and see to understand the bigger picture. 

Little fires everywhere by C. Ng

I started this book before watching the show. I disliked it, stopped it and watch the show (because Reese Witherspoon people!). The show was great and had so many interesting topic that I wanted to have more, so I started the book again. I won't say that I still dislike it, but it was not great compare to the show. The show was different but also showed more things, especially about the characters. In this book, they are not developed and are just passing in the story. They are simply not interesting and not "used" enough. I wanted more depth, more complexity and not dull characters. For once, the show is better than the book in my opinion.

The girl with the dragoon tattoo by S. Larsson

Don't read this book if you want something light and easy. This thriller is amazing and pretty hard to read sometimes. Not in the complex way but in the violences. I had to put the book aside from time to time because it can be really, well, violent. But above all, this book is great. You have an interesting story with lots of digging, investigating and an intriguing plot (even though some twist at the end can be easily guessed). I was not a fan of the other part of the story with the scandal of the journalist, I was more interested in the Harriet case. 

Boomerang by T. de Rosnay

Family mysteries can be my favorite type of story, especially to read. So many unsaid things, so many discoveries and suspense. This one was simple yet beautiful in its own way. The way it was written added so much to this book. I know I say it quite often but French writers have such a beautiful way to write. I'm probably more mindful of that because it's easier to see as it's my native language but I love it. It adds a poetic side to the story. 

Tell me what you've been reading lately!

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