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septembre 07, 2020

Midnight Sun, my review

  • septembre 07, 2020
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The Twilight series, books and movies, have this incredible moody atmosphere that I love so much. That’s probably why I still love them so much. I actually don’t remember the books that much – but I’m planning on reading them very soon – but the story always seemed to be my cup of tea, even though I get older. When I heard about this new release, I had to get my hands on it, and I did. Obviously. 

As I said, I don’t remember the books much, therefore I was rediscovering the story in a way. I did not have the impression to read the same story, of course because it was another point of view, but also because S. Meyer gave us new insights and information. I loved that we learned more about the past of the Cullens, how Edwards is and why, how much he worships Carlisle and his view on life. This was some of the best parts, the “human” side of the book. The relationships, the feelings that can be so pure and sincere. To see how strong Edward gets because of love, even though he sees his behavior as a weakness. 

On the other side, I saw many wrong things in this book. Because we have Edward’s outlook, we also understand how much he wants control over Bella’s life. He wants to protect her and he loves her: okay, but loving someone does not mean that this person belongs to you and that you have to know about their every moves and thoughts. It was really annoying and frustrating to see a man trying to save a woman. A woman completely capable to live and breathe, even if she is clumsy. This does not give him the right to ‘protect’ her as much as he does. I mean, he is completely obsessive, he goes to her home while she sleeps! That’s not romantic, that’s creepy (even if the guy is Robert Pattison!). 

However, I rediscovered a new sight to the character of Bella. She is strong, independent even though the story try to make us believe otherwise, brave and caring. She is a beautiful person, not just a clumsy and frail little thing who needs to be saved. That’s bullshit. Of course, she is in love and completely intense in their relationship, but she also loves to be able to make her own choice, to have her voice heard because she is intelligent. She loves deeply, cares too much and probably doesn’t put herself first enough but she still is a beautiful character. 

It’s quite hard for me to understand if I loved this book or not. I guess it was okay. Yet, it was lovely to get back on the story, rediscover the characters and going back into the Twilight mood. I guess I’m just glad it was not the same crappy things that E.L. James gave us with ‘Grey’! I’m still curious to know your thoughts on the book(s), if you’ve read it or planning to.

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