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septembre 28, 2020

What did I read this month? #11

  • septembre 28, 2020
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At the beginning of the year, I challenged myself to read 80 books in 2020. It did not seem impossible to manage that two years in a row and I wanted to read just the same. I know that reading is not about the number of books you read, but about the quality of the books you chose, blab bla bla. Still. I like to challenge myself and discover as many books as possible. However, by the end of August I realized that I only had four more months to read around 35 books to reach that goal. I freaked out, then I try to be organized for those few months to read them all. That’s probably why you’ll see more books on those posts for the months to come.

The Twilight saga – S. Meyer 

After reading Midnight Sun last month, I wanted to dive in the books again. Nothing better before the beginning of autumn. It was quite nice to go back to those teenage years with all those characters. I saw Bella in a new light, someone very strong despite what everyone thinks of her, who know what she wants and a wise soul. While Edward and Jacob were just in a constant fight to prove how much they loved her and how much they want to protect her (really boring/annoying as she is a bloody woman and does not need a knight no protect her from the world, thank you very much). Other than that and the strong attraction between the two characters (that seems to be all about beauty sometimes…), it was a good and quick read. 



Outlander 3, Voyager – D. Gabaldon 

Oh boy. It took me seven months to finish this book. It was huge and good and perfectly detailed. Jamie and Claire are two of my favorite characters ever, I could not say it enough. They are so brave, strong and have their feet on earth. They have a heart and compassion, while being very stubborn and strong-minded. This book was all about the reunion of the two lovers and how twenty years changed nothing in their love while changing everything. The writing is perfect, as always; you have the sensation to be just right next to the characters, seeing what they see and living what they live. No matter how beautiful or harsh.

Queenie – C. Carty-Williams

A modern Bridget Jones that was not really necessary. I was really disappointed by this book as I was expecting something with more depth and meaning. Queenie is just the story of a self-absorbed young woman who needs help to figure things out in her life. Her friends don't always seem like good friends, or at least she's not a very good friend. She does not really talk to them or tell the truth. She is self-centered but doesn't let anyone in, really in. And when finally she gets the help she needs, everything just because easy, like magic. I thought it was ridiculous to feel good right away, with just a couple of sessions. There is also the racism issues that are sometimes talked about, but not in a very meaningful way either ; something was definitely missing.  Well, clearly, I would not recommend this book.

The accident season - M. Fowley-Doyle

The very first autumnal book of the year, people! It feels so good to be back in this spooky atmosphere. And this book was really nice to start with. Too short in my opinion, therefore missed depth and perspective. However, it was really well done with lovely characters with a spooky side to all of them. I loved the scenery, the season and the strange things happening ... but without any real explanation or curiosity whatsoever. The characters are just used to the accidents happening to them once a year. They don't question it or try to get ride of it. That's what was mainly missing in this story to be really great and even more interesting. 

We have always lived in the castle - S. Jackson

I wanted to read this book for so long. This year, I finally managed to make it my second autumnal read of the year. And... it was such a disappointment. It was really short and not really interesting. Just mainly strange, weird even. Some characters come and go just like that, that was strange. And as for the two main protagonist, what was their problem? Really, I really don't understand what's the fuss about this book. If someone read it, please tell me if and why you loved it. 

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