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janvier 11, 2021

Little women, my review

  • janvier 11, 2021
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Little Women seems to be the classic to read at the moment, especially after the last movie came out. Don't get me wrong, it's good that classics become fashionable in a world where they tend to be seen as boring or too long to even bother. So I was glad about the enjoyment, but feared that it might raise the hype and make something bigger than what it really is.

In the end, I read the book in a matter of days and ended up enjoying it, not more, not less than what I imagine. It was a really nice book to read with four lovely sisters, each with their own and well-defined personality. The character of the mother is quite incredible: she is a mother as well as the embodiment of wisdom, kindness and love. She is fair, intelligent and inspiring. I guess many young people reading this book could benefit from her advice while growing up and struggling to find themselves and be kind.

I also loved that the story took place on many years. I was scared the book might be too long or too detailed, but it gives exactly what we need to understand everything and get a good sense of each character in the book. I personally loved Jo and Amy. They were the two I related the most: they are strong, passionate, love deeply and care very much to become better people. Meg was lovely, but a bit old school - even though the book was written in the 19th century. She gave too much of herself to others that I didn't see any real personality or ambition in this character. She could have been more. As for Beth, well (SPOILER) the writer killed her way before her actual death. What I mean by that is that we see so little of her throughout the book since she starts being sick that her death doesn't surprise anybody, or change anything for us reader. She seemed like such a kind and selfless child, taking very little space and being very quiet. She could have turned into a really interesting character if she wasn't so left behind, sick or not.


This book reminded me I need to read more classics in general, and might get into that this year, especially when you read these books on such beautiful editions as this one. It gets me motivated. As for this one, it was part of the Polly Florence's book club for December and I was just so glad that it gave me the opportunity to finally read it.

So now, your turn. Have you read Little Women yet or are you planning to? I'm really curious to have your opinion on this one.

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