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mai 17, 2021

TBR on my shelves

  • mai 17, 2021
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Today, I'm only talking about the physical books on my shelves. I don't even want to get started on my Kindle TBR, it's too much. I sort of have a difficulty to stop buying books even though I haven't read all of those which are on my shelves. I feel like I dishonor them and miss out. What if my next favorite books is just waiting there?

Another difficulty for me with physical books I own is the impossibility to not finish it. So I have to read them all, even if it's taking me ages (hello the Outlander series). That's why some of them like the second GoT book has been unread for years.

Here are some of the books I need to read ASAP.

Il faut qu'on parle de Kévin by Lionel Shiver

Oh boy. This one has been on my tbr for years. Since I've seen the films years ago actually. It was devastating, terrible, horrific but brilliant and I wanted to read the book so much after that. Might do that one day.

Emma by Jane Austen + Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

I'm a bit ashamed that I haven't read this book yet, especially during my English degree. I mean, who has an English degree without having read one of these? I want to correct that, especially with this gorgeous edition.


The Goldfinch by Dona Tartt

The Secret History was brilliant, I'm expecting this one to be just the same. Yet, the size of it is quite intimidating even if you're used to read. I tend to wait a bit longer to read larger books. We'll see how it goes.

La Jouissance by Florian Zeller

This is the book that has been on my tbr the longest. I started reading it actually, but thought it was a bit weird. I try not to be disappointed and will try to pick it up later.

Commonwealth by Ann Patchett

Frankly, I bought this book by mistake. I thought it was an entirely different story, and therefore it's been waiting since then. The cover is gorgeous and might be on of the first reason I'll read it. Who knows, maybe I'll love it still.

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