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mai 31, 2021

What did I read this month? #12

  • mai 31, 2021
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I'm finally back at reading a lot more this month, the end of the thesis is coming (finally) and I have a bit more me time. I also wanted to finish the gigantic Thilliez's book. Done! Here are some of the books I read in May.

Les Possibles by Virginie Grimaldi
I've been waiting for this one since she announced it a few weeks/months ago. Grimaldi is one of my favorite French author. Everything she writes is beautiful. I've talked about it before but certain French author have this capability to write in such a delicate and beautiful way, while being able to make readers laugh or cry. Virginie Grimaldi is one of those who make you feel so many things in just one page. Her story was about aging and losing memories. It was sad, yet it made readers understand how much we should enjoy our memories and our loved ones. I definitely cried and laugh at the same time with this book, it was quite amazing.


Le syndrome [E], [GATACA] and Atom[ka] by Franck Thilliez
I'm going to talk about the three in just one review because they were really similar to me. They all have this sense of darkness, deep darkness. They were all sensibly the same in many ways. The reader tend to discover and learn many things with these books: sciences, the Evolution, you name it. Thilliez shows the worse of humankind and it can be interesting as much as it can make you inconfortable. At least, they were not as morbid from what I'm used from him, but I feel like the next ones are going to be even darker. 
Les Dieux voyagent toujours incognito by Laurent Gounelle
I don't know if this book can be classified as a self-help book disguised into a fiction. In general, I don't like self-help book, they make me feel like I need to change in a specific way, as if who I am not is not fine. This one wasn't about the reader but about the story, and I liked that. The first half was well done and interesting. As for the second half, I'm not sure I liked it very much. It became too much a fiction and just... well, too much in general. I listened to this one and I was a bit lost from time to time, it became hard to stay focus towards the end. 

21 lessons for the 21st century by Yuval Noah Harari
I listen to this one because the size of that book didn't make me want to read it. It's been a on my TBR for a while and I still wanted to see what's the fuss was all about. It was interesting. The author has clearly A LOT of knowledge and curiosity towards our world and various civilisations. I've learn things, but I feel like it's a book to tell you what to think. Even if it's base on facts and examples most of the time, it's still a book written by someone who put his thoughts in it. I did laugh from time to time by the rawness of the writing, I thought it was brilliant to be that honest of one's thoughts. Not sure I will read the other ones, but it was nice to know what it was about.

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